a day at the park.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with Huxley--it seems the larger my middle gets the faster he goes (thank God that Gap has heavy doors or he would have been on Lancaster Ave. in 2 seconds flat & we were shopping the sale rack in the waaaaay far back)

This kid has energy for days life.

So we go to the park. The safest place he can run those ants out of his pants. We love love love our local play place & all the impromptu play dates we have there & today was no exception.

All & all, I've got to step up my game & keep my running shoes on---things are getting wild around here.



Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Easter this year will be oh so very memorable as we are taking a family vacation to Asheville, NC to check out the area & see if it's a good fit for us. 

Hux will have so much more fun exploring his basket this year & I've been having a blast picking things out for him here & there. Fingers crossed I got some goodies that will occupy his busy-body on the 9+ hour car trip.

We hope you enjoyed the announcement of our Little Lady! We are so so very anxious to meet her & take in all her sweet sweet fresh baby goodness.


PS: DiaNoche Giveaway Winner was chosen & announced HERE!

Editor's Note: Turns our I can't read calendars & we will be in NC the week before...looks like I'm going to have to hit up the Dolla' Store for some quick trip knick-nacks & distractors. 


The Great Babe Reveal

We are beyond the moon & totally in Love already.


[Thank you thank you thank you to the lovely & talented Liz Kaneda for shooting & editing this film. You are True Talent.]


eee, tiny Toms!

Toms are on Zulily right now! I've been waiting for this sale forever & finally snagged Hux a pair for this Fall. Head on over to my favorite little online shopping joint Zulily & grab you or your littles some cute comfy Toms at a fraction of the cost!



20 weeks

This morning we got to see the sweet sweet little Babe as a family for our 20 week ultrasound, and now we have a very big secret to keep!! We found out & my oh my are we so in love already (not that we weren't before, but my, Oh my!) The funny thing is that up until walking in the doors I was on the fence about peeking or not---Matt was literally hand on door when I blurted, "Let's find out!". 

Matt even got a very large nudge from Babe last night that sent him across the room in shock. Apparently, we have a kick boxer growing inside me. 

Any guesses what the outcome was? A Little lady or another Bruiser Boy?

We'll be sharing with you soon enough!



where's the guys?

Hux has a very funny way about him. 
I mean, the kid is funny. He's got the best sense of humor, and plays the silliest jokes & pranks on us. Lately he has been non-stop sweet, and good natured (not much different from any other time) but just super easy going all day long. We know we're blessed. We know

One of our favorite things is finding where Huxley has put his Sesame Street figures or "guys"---which is aways in the most random places or scenarios. I started snapping photos of all the goofy ways they've turned up for the past couple months & thought it'd be fun to show you where we've found the guys lately...

Really makes me wonder what's going on in Huxley's head.

I'll let you come up with your own stories of what the guys are doing...



What's In Our Vitamix Friday

As I figured, our fridge looks the exact same this week & you guys still need to email me some photos of yours! So...this Friday I'll share a yummy Vitamix Recipe I whipped up for dinner this week.

Creamy Tomato Soup

Carton of Cherry Tomatoes
Handful Carrots
Half an Apple
Handful of Cashews
Tbl. of Liquid Aminos
1/2 cup Nutritional Yeast
Cup Filtered Water
(We use all organic produce in our home)

Add all ingredients to your Vitamix or similar blender & voila! You can always play around with these recipes as I just dump whatever we have lying around in our Vitamix...this just happened to turn out really awesome! I dished this up with a yummy side salad & bread. Dinner is served. In under 10 minutes. Perfection.



Valentine's 2013.

Happy Reds & Pinks & Hearts Everywhere Day! 

I love this little holiday, & I love it even more now that Hux is totally stoked on anything involving presents, decorating or treats.

Our place is literally covered in Huxley Valentines---he's been a coloring/painting/stickering fool these days & we couldn't be more pleased with our budding Warhol.

Since Mama has to work tonight I'm crock-potting a pork roast (blech. eat up boys.) for some homemade pulled pork sammies tonight---Matt rarely gets "real" meat around this joint so this was my gift to him, well, that & a gourmet smoked salt, burnt sugar carmel, stout beer dark chocolate bar. YUM?

Hux was spoiled. Pop Pop & Honey Mama sent him some "Mickey Presents"...Huxley's favorite...a book & movie, which he is totally smitten with already! He also got a new sled, because I accidentally ran over his toboggan. So so sad about that one. 

& for the Mama? I got a massage and a surprise tomorrow night.
eep! (annnd Hux also took a 3+ hour nap & let me catch up on things including a shower...the joys of it all, right?)

Hope you are having a loved filled day today wherever you may roam.
As a little gift to you I am extending the DiaNoche Giveaway one more week...get entered to win HERE!



19 weeks & still under the weather.

19 weeks pregnant was way more fun with Hux, sorry little Babe, it's sad but true. 
I've been dealing with a nasty headache for a couple days now. It really is one thing after another, & it's so frustrating. I want to just enjoy this time with Huxley & relish in this pregnancy but man alive, can a Mama catch a break?!

We've been spending alot of time indoors, unfortunately. Painting, cooking, and snuggling. 
Keeping things low-key and trying to get our immune systems back in working order. 

(Lots of OJ, vitamins, probiotics, water, fruits, etc etc etc)

Any cure alls we haven't thought of? Send them our way!!



What's In Our Fridge Friday

Okay, here it is...our refrigerator in all it's glory. 
I feel as though by showing you the contents of our fridge you get to know a whole different side of us. 

What we eat, & drink and snack on.

We have a lot of pickles (surprise surprise) & snacky stuff up top (salsa, Tartex, mustard), a yogurt shelf, a fruit shelf (which I frequent often), drinks & odds and ends at the bottom (typically leftovers & larger vegetable items that don't fit in their designated drawer). I keep any meat in the bottom right, and that is it. 
In door #2 we have our perishable supplements (probiotics & fish oils), juice, milks, asian sauces & such, condiments & random beverages (even a bottle of bubbly for when baby arrives!)

This weeks Fridge Tip:
See that blue Zico bottle? That's chocolate coconut water & I have Hux convinced it's chocolate milk. I highly suggest trying it. It's phenomenal.
Not even being paid to tell you that. It is just for real awesome.

I'm  hoping you find fridge peeking as interesting as I do, maybe not, maybe I'm weird. Remember MTV Cribs? My favorite part was checking out the contents in celebs refrigerators.

Here's the deal, since our stuff doesn't vary too much I thought it'd be fun to join forces with all of you! You my friends, are invited to be guest bloggers on life with the Hux. by simply emailing me a photo of what's in your fridge at, and telling me some of your favorite items in it!

Can't wait to sneak a glance!



on the mend + reaching out

[I get lost in these big puppy brown eyes at times.]

We are knockonwood finally on the up swing over here.
Getting back into the groove of things, cleaning nesting, cooking real meals
(not just soup & baguettes, or toast and fruit), dancing, and making play dates for Hux & Mama. 

This Friday I'm going to start up a weekly feature called "What's in Our Fridge"--where I'll snap a photo each week of the contents of our fridge (maybe even freezer too), and tell you some of our favorite products + recipes with the items shown. Would you guys be into something like that? Is there any topics you'd like to see on life with the Hux.?

Let me know.
You can leave a comment here or shoot me an email at

As much as this blog is all about Huxley, we are all about you too!




Above is my arsenal of sickie ammunition. 
Netflix, Vitamin C, smoothies, water, tissues & snuggling under tons of blankets. 
There's also been a constant mug of hot tea by my side as well.

You guys, I'm starting to lose it over here behind the screen---it's been MONTHS since I've been healthy & just when I start to feel better I get another round of something horrid. It's just not fair--to anyone in our little home, since we all just play Hot Potato with our germs. 

Huxley is finally on the mend after a scary, disgusting sinus infection/diarrhea/'s been pretty gross at our place. Tons of cleaning up has been going on.  A lot of diapers being used. It's just insanity.

You know who deserves a 500 hour back rub & a steak dinner? Matt. 
He's been a superstar through all of this despite not feeling top notch himself. Keeping the house in somewhat of an order & helping stay on top of Huxley's meds, constant stream of diaper changes and vomit sessions, and dealing with a sick pregnant me.

I love him.

So, forgive me for neglecting the blog a bit. I've just been out of commission on top of baby growing & toddler wrangling.

Hope you had an awesome weekend & are avoiding all of these seasonal plagues going around. 


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the Babe chronicles pt.2

[dreamy dress, perfect bag, lovely shades, yummy source of fiber, fruit & veggie sushi, Rosebud Salve(ation), bubble bath, belly oil.]

This pregnancy has been almost entirely like the first.
(Minus the slight ER scare we had in the beginning that turned out to be something that happens quite a bit--regardless, you never want to see blood ever ever ever when you're pregnant & I don't care if you tell me it happens all time I will still freak out.)
A little tired in the beginning, slight nausea + food aversions but nothing major. 
Everything seemed to ease off when we hit the second trimester & if it wasn't for the sinus/ear infections and all the sickies we've been dealing with I would say it's been smooth sailing growing.

We've been feeling the Babe move since around 13wks (we're now just shy of 18wks). which is crazy, but true, although they haven't been as strong or frequent lately--guessing it was just how the Babe was positioned. 

Huxley is seriously over the moon for his little brother or sister. He kisses my belly daily & points to it saying, "Baby!" He will sometimes even talk to it, or show it his Donald Duck and Goofy toys.

We're still on the fence about finding out the gender. To me it's completely unnecessary to absolutely know what we're having. I'm not going to go bonkers with pink if it's a girl or run out & buy camouflage and race cars if it's a boy (sorry Grandpa!). It would be fun, however, to be able to talk to Huxley about his baby _____. A friend also made an awesome point--which would be more motivating when it comes to birthing? 

Oh, birthing. 
This time around we got into The Birth Center, which would be better named The Super Crunchy, No Drugs, Bite A Stick & Push That Baby Out Center. (They were booked solid for Hux's due date.) Super stoked, super scared. Have tons of books to read & re-read in the next couple of months, and Matt definitely will need to brush up on his coaching sleeping on the job this time, honey.


DiaNoche Designs Giveaway

I've been so very excited to share with you one of our new amazing amazing Sponsors, DiaNoche Designs, who has pretty much blown my mind with their product...

 Artwork that lights up.
Are you kidding? This is the coolest creation ever!

This must be even more of a discovery when you are knee-deep in combined nursery plans, because how darling would any of these Fabric Night Lights look hung above Hux's big boy bed or the Babes crib?

These gorgeous pieces are illuminated with LED lights that can be turned on & off, and also have a removable cord. DiaNoche Designs also donates a portion to each sale to charity. 

One of these Night Lights would make a perfect Baby Shower gift, or hey, even a Valentine's Day present! I'm completely smitten with this company and know you will be too! 

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