How to grow a Healthy Hux Monster.

Ironic that I chose to post this now while Hux is totally maxed out with explosive poops and crankiness...but, the kid eats like a Green Machine & has the six-pack to prove it & I've been wanting to update you all on what the Huximonster noshes on.

I'm always a fan of reading what all the other awesome Blog-oh-sphere Mama's are feeding there smooshables, & I wanted to share some of our favorites as of late.

This one is a rainbow of goodness:
Spinach & Kale
Strawberries, Blueberries,  Pineapple & Raspberries
and Goodbelly Organic Probiotic Coconut Water
(all our produce is always organic)

Honest Kids Organic Fruit Punch...Hux approved.

Sweet Cherries...okay, this is a soft spot in Mama's heart. I come from the "Cherry Capitol of the Worrrld", & I could eat a lug of cherries. It made my soul sing when Huxley took to them like candy. Sadly, Michigan had bad crops this year and cherries were 'spensive and hard to come by...but we bought organic ones from our local Whole Foods, and indulged.

Froose! We LOVE you! 
Froose is organic fruit juices + rice grains for fiber! Local & AWESOMESAUCE!
Hux is also noshing on some turkey ham, strawberries & grapes.

Eat hard + Play hard.


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Thanks for all who participated! Hope you keep comin' back & keep up with the Hux! 


Daddy love.

We didn't really have a full day to celebrate Daddy since Mama had to work, but around here we try to celebrate eachother every day.

Matt is such an amazing father.
Even more so, he is my best friend.

I love watching him with Huxley.
You can truly see his heart light up when they are together & that just completes me.

It's effortless for him.

He wakes in the middle of the night to help out, lets me sleep in almost every morning while fixing Hux breakie & simultaneously getting ready for work.

This morning he took Hux in the shower with him, because he is just that awesome.

When we were pregnant I would daydream about a little brown eyed, dark haired boy before we even knew Hux was a "he". 

I'd swoon over any little kid that resembled Matt.

& I got everything I ever dreamed of and more.

Matt + Huxley just adore one another, and I am such a lucky lady to have them in my life.

I honestly could not do this Mama thing well without my better half.

He lights up our life daily.

We love you Daddy Doo.



Bed Wedge Beauty Rest.

No joke, the Bed Wedge works miracles.

The first night we used it was worlds different--no waking up without a pillow, cranked neck & grumpy. Since we don't have a headboard we needed this little gem, and I was so happy when it's simple design did just as promised.

Ed Peisner, developed the concept after his daughter was injured by her metal bed frame when reaching for a doll that had fallen into the gap. It's a firm triangular shaped wedge that covers the width of the bed. All you have to do is place over the gap & that is enough to keep it securely in place. The Bed Wedge comes in all sizes, prints & colors. It also comes with side pocket attachments that are perfect for glasses, remotes and even tooth fairy visits. I use mine to store either my phone or Hux's bottle of water.

As you can see in these photos Hux sleeps like a champ with his Bed Wedge!



Hux + Storm Safety

What do you do when there is a storm brewin' & you've got a 17 month old to keep safe?
You put him in a helmet, rain boots and a bell...that's what.

Okay, a little (un)necessary background info:
My parents taught me to be very weather conscious. We are a boaters and always were listening to NOAA and The Weather Channel is our favorite TV show.
I kind of grew a hyper-sensitivity to weather. I hate loathe thunderstorms. Don't even get me started on tornadoes. Anyways, this video was taken a few weeks back during a Tornado Watch.

Oh, and I was trying to get Hux to show you his "spider"...he put his fingers together to make the "Itsy Bitsy Spider"...pretty much the cutest this ever.

But yea, he cracks us up--daily...enjoy!



Make Pop for you Papa! A Sodastream Father's Day Giveaway!

Every now & then I like a pop.
Yes, pop. I'm from the mid-west, thankyouverymuch.
BUT...we do NOT keep anything in our house that contains high fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring, or any other nonsense they try and put into our food. Ever since we recieved our glorious Sodastream we've been making homemade simple syrups out of organic roots & berries and maple syrup. The possibilities are endless.

Sodastream has become the love of our life. I talk them up whenever and wherever & even convinced my parents to invest in one! It's a miracle worker, and I am so happy that I am able to give one away to you!!

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I scream you scream!

Well, it's official, Hux loves him some Handel's.
It's a local hotspot here on the Mainline.

& you know what's awesome? 
They give out baby cones for FREE.

Here are the photos of Huxley's first Handel's experience...which was totally awesome, and not as messy as one would think..

[this is where Hux said, "forget this Dad, I'll hold it on my own!!!"]



Hooray for PA! Let's go road-trippin'.

This post brought to you by PA Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who doesn't like roadtrips?

Who doesn't like mountains & trails and waterfalls????

(if you don't, you are cah-razy & probably not my friend...unless you bake awesome cupcakes, then, we're cool.)


Well, pa-roadtrips made this pretty sweet thing called Roadtrip-a-Matic.

It let's you choose from a bunch of themed roadtrips like "Taste Buds on Tour", "Trails Mix", & "Small Town Charmy". Awesome names right?!

I chose "Trails Mix", because that's my style.

Roadtrip-a-Matic mapped out a 3-day ecursion of sightseeing and adventurous awesomeness. It provided maps, trails, where to eat, sleep, what to see, all that good stuff & then some.

If you plan on coming out to PA, one--start saving for tolls. Holy heck do they nail you there!

Two--check out pa-roadtrips & map out your adventureous awesomeness!

Now...if only we had the time to pack up and roadtrip for a couple days!



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Baby Rave.

Rainy day/week/month?

Go to Tarjay & buy up a bunch of the $1 bin Glow Sticks & throw yourself an indoor Baby Rave!

Seriously. We did this with Hux a month ago when we were all cooped up with bad weather, and had ourselves a good old fashioned Hootenanny. Yes, a Hootenanny!

We cranked some KOL, cracked some glowsticks and danced our booties off!

Also a great idea...stock up on tons of those $1 funsticks and sell them at a 4th of July shindig at 2 for a dollar and make yourself a pretty little profit. I just mailed my niece 10 tubes with 15 bracelets each to sell at the Cherry Fest...she said she'd cut me $20 bones outta the deal. SCORE.

You can also let them play with these in the tub! Another fun idea to make an otherwise routine task seem like a partay.

Note: They claim these are non-toxic but make sure to keep them out of your little one's mouth.

Here's a little snippet of our awesome Dance's so dark but you can tell we're having a pretty awesome time...Hux has the two blue glowsticks.


Home Sweet Home.

It's where your heart is, right? 
I could seriously live in a tent & be happy because I have my sweet sweet men that make up my home.

But the sad truth of the matter is we need space.
& be we, I mean Hux.

It's crazy how quickly we've outgrown our place, and try as I may I just can't seem to keep us paired down. We're simply bursting at the seams. 

I've adopted a new mantra:
Sell it all.

We've got to find a new place to make a life for Huxley, and we have to do it soon. 

Ideally it'd be close to my parents, because Hux is just over the moon for them.
Ideally it'd have mountains, and rivers, and Lake Michigan too.
Add in a good school, local co-op, and walkable places to make new memories at & I'd say we're set.

I started a new page on our blog called "Shop our Closets"...right now it's Huxley stuff. Mostly brand spankin' new & awesome. I plan on adding in items from mine as well--brand new dresses, scarves, purses, etc.

If you want to help us raise money for the Buy Hux a Home Fund you can shop our closets HERE!

Oh, & any of these would do as our start-up home...


& then it was gone.

The other day Hux was playing with a Popsicle stick, because, well, this kid likes sticks.
Spoons, drumsticks, spatulas, chopsticks, twigs, toothbrushes.

He falls asleep with them in his sticky little hands.
He took a big metal spoon through security at the airport.
(& set off the metal detector...)

So we indulge him, and on this particular day he somehow got this Popsicle stick stuck behind him in his romper & could not find it.

We were in stitches.
He didn't know why we were laughing so hard, but knew he was doing something funny and began to just ham it up hard...



Hux Vlog.

Since I haven't much to update on & barely enough time to post this quick "hello!!", I wanted to put up a cute heart-melting video of Huxie. 

He is a card.

It's hard to make out with the mouthful of cookie & all, but he says, "Cheese", "There's Elmo...Elbobo", "Doggie"..some of his favorite Huxisms.

Have yourself a lovely little Monday!
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