Our family has grown!

Where to begin?! So much has been going on in our home, hence the radio silence, but most exciting has been our newest addition of 6 baby chicks--sorry for those who thought maybe Hux & Ellis had a new brother or sister. Nope. Six fuzzy chicks are their latest obsessions. 

Incase you haven't been following our adventures via Twitter or Instagram, I thought I should pop on and [finallyupdate this dust-covered blog considering my last post was before Christmas! Yikes.

I should preface with how we came about our new peeping, pecking family members.
Last week, Huxley's class took a little field trip to the Tractor Supply store to see the baby ducks and chicks. They have been learning all about eggs, where the come from, and what they're composed of...super exciting stuff for a curious boy like Hux. Before pick-up I thought Ellis might like to check the baby chicks out too so we stopped by for what I thought would be a quick visit, and ended up going to get Huxley and returned to the store to pick out our new family. 

Although this wasn't planned, we've been considered raising chickens out back for quite awhile now--our yard is perfect for them, and I honestly cannot wait to have them do some pest control in our gardens! 

Thankfully, these little guys have been super low maintenance and not as messy (or stinky) as I had thought. They still have their soft fur-like down, which kind of makes a mess of their back ends (yuck.), but upon cleaning them today I noticed their feathers are starting to come in--this means they are getting ready to molt and as soon as the weather cooperates they will be integrated to the outdoors. 

Little kids + little chicks has been an explosion of cuteness. Hux & Ellis are seriously enamored, and it's not uncommon to hear peeping from various places in the house, and find one of both of them carrying around a fuzzy friend. I think this has been and will continue to be a great learning experience for all of us---so far they've learned how to handle them gently, feed, water, and make their pen nice and comfy. Huxley also understands the circle of life part that comes with having non-egg layers. His thought process on it was very matter of fact, and he understands that when he has chicken nuggets they originate from said chicken.

Hope to be on here more as time and energy allows, but much catching up to do!
We hope you have a happy, healthy & blessed Easter weekend.