Ends to no Start.

i'm all sad eyed & sunsets
and heart of unrest.

but i wait for you
like i told you i'd do

cause it's your song i like best.

& lately i've found
my life is my own

and wandering the streets
with just Jesus & barefeet
i feel right at home.

so if you're not coming back
please spare me the words

let me down hard
i already know how it hurts.

leave me a blank note
with only your scent...

& without reason or goodbyes i'll know what you meant.


flying hearts in my eyes, the biggest baddest best surprise.

this is new
dragonfly guts &
trembling lips/hips/fingertips.

i like being close to you,
but still a stranger.

i'd like to keep it this way
for years.

wear your old sweats and a tank-top to bed,

let you memorize every crease.
every scent.

but remain skin surface safe.

i don't want to remind you
of someone you had,

someone you've been wanting to find.

i want to be the last thing you sigh over,
and the first thing on your mind.

this is old & familiar,

but i swear this time it will be different.


journey time gotta have to dos.

naked hotspringing with h
rita's & patron shotsss
backcountry skiing & bouldering & mtn. biking & 14ers
breck boys
taipei tokyo sushi 
tattoo touch-up in the dirty d & new piercings
magical mayhemmmm