and then there was ten.

The ten week countdown...I remember this--this is where things start to get really real, and non-maternity clothes are almost impossible to squeeze into...
Aside from crazy heartburn and double calf charlie horses I feel fantabulous--to be honest this pregnancy has really taken the backseat lately with all the house shenanigans +'ll be nice to get settled and start to focus on what is to come (and soon!).

We are beyond over being away from Daddy, and are so so so ready to be back together as a little family unit. One more week. Hooray!



woodland air + growing boys

It's safe to say that Hux is in his element. He's grown so much in the short time we've been here---Michigan air is doing him good! Huxley has been loving all the time spent with his cousins & Uncle (who was a total life saver and took Hux out in the woods exploring for an hour so Mama could catch a nap...thanks Uncle J). We are just waiting on the house to close so we can start doing little touch-ups and moving in--now all we need is that Daddy! A little over one more week until he arrives and we couldn't be more excited.



Bath Hater meets Puj Big Hug

[If you look close enough you can see Huxley freaking out in the tub.]

 Ever since Matt accidentally used my Aveda shampoo on Hux (screams of death, pain & horror from the burning eyes were heard miles away)--Huxley has become a loather of bath time. Nothing we do seems to work--glow stick dance party baths, bubble baths, yummy smelling lavender baths, dozens of rubber duckies, etc etc. Hux always chooses the hard way. Protesting the entire time I scrub him down. Thank goodness for our new towel the lovely folks at Puj sent us--it's called the Big Hug, which is just what Huxley needs when he is done with his bath. It's soft, snuggly, and is so generously big that it wraps up him completely--like a big warm fuzzy hug.

If you want to get your little one a Puj Big Hug to make their tub time a little more comfy you can pop on over to Puj's site & order one for 10% off by using the code PUJHUGS10 (expires May 31st 2013)




[September 2011]

[April 2013]
Life is full of circles---funny, ironic, beautiful circles. We are so thankful for our paths, our journeys, and the adventures to come...

Here's to hoping our little tribe is all under the same roof within the next few weeks--waiting to hear back on a final offer we put on a house. So excited. So anxious. So ready to nest & prepare for little Lady. 

We hope you have been enjoying your weekend wherever you may roam.



Hi, from MI!

We made it safe + sound to the northern country & in record timing! Traveling with Huxley was so much fun. He's the best road-tripping-adventure buddy ever and never freaked once. We're on a major house-hunt right now, trying to find that perfect little home for our family so we can get that Daddy to Michigan (he's U-Hauling everything--bless his strong arms and heart) ---we miss him so so sooo much.

Here's to the weekend & hoping we get some good news on our future home.



on our way

Tonight is our last night in the place we've called home for longer than we ever thought's all Huxley's ever known, and it is bittersweet but such a welcomed new chapter in our families life. We've met so many amazing people, made great friends and memories that we hold near + dear to our hearts. 

I'm absolutely exhausted. Sunburnt & in need of a solid nights sleep before our 14 hour road trip north.

Wish us luck! Next time we blog will be from the great state of Michigan!




We have officially entered our final trimester & aside from all the random colds and flus I have gotten along the way the little Lady has been a joy to carry, the high-rider that she is--and I love love love how active she is in there. It would be dangerous to balance a bowl of popcorn on the bump as she'd kick that sucker right off--it's a sight. 

Michigan is just around the corner, I can almost feel the cooler weather & smell the Lake...



weekend party.

[photo taken on Matt's 30th]

Party party.

It feels like we've been partying all weekend, in truth, we've spent a lot of time snuggling and reading books. Matt has been awesome & kept Hux occupied and burning energies yesterday by taking him to the park and around dinner time they went out back to throw rocks at their spot. Matt returned home with a completely in the buff Hux---Huxley had ran away from Daddy & stomped into a puddle which he proceeded to sit down in. Awesome. I would have lost it, since it's more of a stagnant cess pool of grossness than a fresh rain puddle. BLECH. Needless to say, Hux got a very good scrub down last night.

Officially one more week at this place...
let it fly.



Easter morning.

["Oh, hi! plastic solar powered dancing bunny! I will break you in .04 seconds flat." love,  Huxley.]

Almost a week late, but so cute nonetheless. 
Huxley had a marvelous little Easter morning & the moment he found his Donald Duck? No words.

The boy loves his Donald. 

We are getting all boxed up over here, pretty overwhelming to say the least, ontop of having a wicked 24 hour stomach bug that bought me a trip to L & D for IV fluids. One thing after another, right?

Such is life!

Onward and upward, I say.



homeward bound...

We are finally getting out of here. It may not be where we thought we'd be going, but it's exactly the place we should be...



Mightee Kids Tees for a Cause

Mightee Kids Tees are stylish, for a good cause, and an awesome tool to help teach your little one about the importance of sharing with those who are in need. Every shirt we've received has been for a great cause--this month's being Autism, & the designs are pretty fabulous as well.
Hux is a tad too young to grasp the details, but he definitely understands big picture---compassion and sharing which are very important values in our home.
We hope you are having a lovely week & survived all the April Fool's pranks---I am pleased to report that mine was pretty successful, haha!