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Traveling with Toddler

Me have time to write? Hardly.

But I feel like ever since we got back from Michigan I have yet to really fill in the blanks.
It is just so ridiculously difficult trying to sit down for a couple minutes these days--Hux is feeling worlds better, but still keeps close to Mama. It's like we have an invisible rope that has bound us together. Thank goodness for our Ergo, because I seriously would not get anything accomplished without it.

I've got to sing some praises to another great company out there...
GoGo Babyz saved our tail while sprinting from one gate to the next on our flight from Philadelphia to Saginaw, Michigan. We had a connector in Detroit, which I loathe. Our connecting gate is ALWAYS on the complete opposite end of the airport, and with less than an hour to haul Hux through the crowds. 

The Gogo Babyz Travelmate worked like a charm. Although I didn't put Huxley in it, I did however put my ginormous diaper bag in it with the straps around the handle--this saved my shoulders for sure, and nothing tumbled out as we clipped along.

I saw a bunch of other Mamas & Papas toting their little ones in these beauties. Which I totally would have, but Hux was asleep for most of our travels (and on the boob) so I kept him in the Ergo. 

As far as other traveling essentials go I packed some new books, snacks, ice water (they let you bring this through security when you're traveling with child), natural hand sanitizing wipes, iPad with Elmo Calls app, organic suckers (quiet makers as we call them), as well as basics--diapers, wipes, spare outfit, etc etc etc. 

Looking back I wish I would have put Hux in his JoJoCo Pilot hat, since there are so many germs flying around on a plane...I didn't know they could get in through the ears & maybe I could've spared Huxley that nasty double ear infection.

Live & Learn, right?

More photos & prose to come...until rope is being tugged.



Voting Time...again.

Hi guys! The votes were reset...again...& just as we were climbing up to top 15!
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Major Summer Stylin' Giveaway!

 We have been fortunate enough to make friends with some pretty amazing companies via Hux's blog. Each of them hold a dear place in my heart, annnnd a take up Huxley's entire closet.

Since summer is at our heels we thought it'd be fun to do a major giveaway featuring some of our favorite  lines. I could go on & on about each of these phenomenal brands...seriously...sometimes I do, and Matt's all.."Hillary, they are clothes..and I am a guy." But what does he know about stylin' a Doll Baby anyway?

Okay, can't contain my excitement is what's up for grabs!!!!

Mini Mioche $75 Store Credit
With fun, clean, & COMFY organic basics, you will find it hard not to buy everything they have to offer your littlest fashionista. Huxley wore his skinny jeans until they crept above his ankles & I sadly had to retire them...but his circle scarf? Most compliments ever--a must for every kiddos wardrobe.

 Goatmilk $50 Store Credit
Literally the cutest skivvies I've ever seen.
The fabrics and designs are heavenly. I wish they made these in grown-up sizes!

Tea Collection $100 Store Credit
 If you aren't familiar with this company already, which I know you are-- there isn't enough good things I can say about this line.

Boy clothes--awesome. Cool patterns, cozy fabrics, totally interchangeable styles. I love layering Hux in his romper with striped leggings underneath, and a cardigan if it's cold, so darn cute & these clothes last forever! Hux can still fit into one of his rompers from last summer--which is pretty awesome if you ask me because I lovvvved that romper.

TANE Organics Spring Romper in Pond (Size 6-12mos)
I discovered this delicious line via and was instantly smitten.
They're like little elfin clothes! And their girl's dresses?! Don't even get me started. Matt will side-eye me something fierce if I start talking "Baby #2" again. 
Anyways, TANE Organics. They rock. We love them, and when I have a little fairy princess she will be dressed in all of their sweet twirly dresses.

Many Ways to Enter!

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Natasha Duncan said...
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there & back again...

& here we are...just a little over one week later and holy wow has so much gone on!

Hux & I are safely back from MI, although not as healthy as one would like.

Huxley had his first trip to the ER on Saturday after battling high fever temps all day...he was still not himself today so I took him into his Pediatrician---lo & behold the poor guy has a double ear infection. Since I can't get any liquids or meds in him aside from a few sips of water or juice & nursing 'round the clock, they injected him with an Antibiotic. 

It's so heart-breaking having to stand-by and watch your child fight through an illness. Hux is neverrrrr like this, so it's hard, he sleeps all the time, and never wants to be put down...I pray he's recovered come morning.

I plan on a much more coherent post on traveling solo with babe, battling flu bugs & how to keep your child hydrated ect. and the fun highlights of our trip. But right now I need to go curl up next to my sicky Squish.

Until then I think the photos speak volumes...



My Second Mama's Day

My second Mother's Day.
Third if you count the one that fell five days after we found out we would soon be a trio.

Words fail me when it comes to being a Mama.

Everyday I am blown away, mesmerized, in awe and adoration of my son. He sure takes after his Daddy in the way he can always make me smile. 

I seriously can't understand why I am so blessed to be the one Huxley runs to for comfort, love, and protection.

It's humbling.

To keep my bearings I often read this excerpt from Kahil Gibran's The Prophet "On Children": 

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
You are the bows from which your children
as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
and He bends you with His might
that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;
For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
so He loves also the bow that is stable.

I pray everyday God gives me the strength, courage, wisdom and compassion to help guide and raise Huxley into a God glorifying man who never stops seeking adventure & always follows his passions.

Happy Mama's Day, all you amazing women.



loathe laundry day? Mrs. Meyer's to the rescue! (Mother's Day GIVEAWAY)

After receiving Mrs. Meyer's Bluebell scented laundry detergent I was actually excited to wash dirty clothes!

The smell is intoxicatingly delicious. It takes me back to those carefree wandering days living in the backwoods of Colorado washing my clothes in a mountain stream.

Mrs. Meyer's would like to give one of you lucky readers the chance to win your own 68 load bottle of Bluebell Laundry Detergent & I thought this would be a fun little Mother's Day Giveaway...because, well, Mama's know how to do laundry the best, don't they? (wink)

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Kangaroo Mama said...
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Twitter handle: @mama_kangaroo


my little Milk Truck lover.

& here we are, nearing 16 months old.
Hux is just the most fascinating, good-natured, funny + adorable little man.

He definitely understands a lot more than I give him credit for most days. Simple commands are cake, and complex things are becoming easier by the minute. 

Huxley's vocabulary is just through the roof...I can't keep up with how much he says--it's so sweet, his constant stream of babble. He wakes up and says, "Doodle Doo". 

Other words Hux has mastered:
Hi, Bye, Mama, Daddy, Doggie, Cheese, Ball, Bear, Elmo, Book, Kitty, Cookie, "What's that", "Oh Wow", "Oh Cool", "Oh I see"

But his most basic form is a simple "Mmm?!" with a point or his arms stretched out to us he shows us what he'd like and does not give up until we've provided it---think of the sound a hamster/guinea pig makes... 

Huxley is still quite fond of the "Milk Trucks" and has shown no sign/desire to wean, which is okay with me. It is a little frustrating how he lacks a certain eagerness when it comes to real food time. A LOT ends up on the floor. Bummer. I've started having to feed him myself, and we also sneak organic flax oil into one of his bottles per day.

We are getting ready for another flight to Michigan (without Daddy), and couldn't be more excited (not that Daddy isn't coming---that part sucks!).
I just love Mama + Hux adventures.

I've got some cool Sponsors for the trip too! Can't wait to share with you their products and how they are totally going to save my butt as I maneuver the airports.

Until then, Happy Cinco de Derby weekend.
Go fix yourself something festive with mint in it!


& the winner to the Hugo Naturals Giveaway is announced HERE!


our little fam damily.

My camera is empty of photos...I've been shooting more Flip videos than anything since Hux is so fast. 

Thankfully our lovely friend Kristen sent us some pictures she took on Easter.

I can't get over how hilarious Hux looks in Daddy's glasses & he knows it's cute too and just hams it up.

Huxley is just getting over his first tummy bug. It was horrible. Daddy happened to be at a Phil's game & Hux was standing on a chair when all of his dinner/lunch/etc decided to come up...twice. I was right there..freaking out. Hux had to have a bath so I just quickly cleaned up what I could with my natural cleaner concoction (distilled white vinegar + hydrogen peroxide + filtered water) & sprinkled baking soda on the rest. Daddy was awesome and cleaned up the remainder as soon as he came home, which I am so grateful for because all I did the rest of the night was comfort and snuggle Huxley.

He's all better now...a little dancing machine lately...will have some funny videos for you later of all that goodness.

[Glasses c/o Bonlook]


we love bluum!

Every month I can't wait for that cute little bluum box to arrive--and neither can Hux!

Bluum sends the most perfect, hand-selected samples that have opened my eyes to all the awesome products that are out there for Baby & Mama. I love how they vary from month to month--sometimes it's mostly goodies for Huxley, and then there are boxes curated to spoil Mama. LOVE that. 

Memberships are super reasonable, and totally worth the monthly postal service pick-me-up that bluum brings.

Go & sign up today and start getting your monthly bluum fix!

Here is Hux opening our box for April...