Can we go back now?

Hux in a kayak. 
Matt & I paddle boarding. 
Lake Michigan rock hunting. 
 All the Mama & Papa time.

It really couldn't get any better.
Well...maybe if we lived there (and had decent paying jobs).
The latter being the catch.

But if those two somehow presented itself to us..that would be perfection.

Until then,
I keep these memories close and keep on working towards that someday maybe future for Huxley.



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College Books for a Cause: Operation Smile.

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    20 months + Picky Sticky Props & Giveaway!

    [tee via Blabla Kids]

    I've really slacked on the weekly..let alone monthly photo sessions with Hux.

    It's not that I haven't taken a photo of him (because I do...DAILY.)'s just that as soon as he became mobile it became harder and harder to do a "shoot". 

    So I snap on the fly now, & I've gathered some ahhh-dorable photos.

    BUT, I wish I would have known about Sticky Picky when I was preggo--they have the cutest Milestone Stickers I've ever seen. Way better than some of the horrible...and I mean horrrrrible numbers scribbled on paper with a pen, BLECH.

    They even make ones to slap on your growing belly for your weekly photo as it grows & grows! Although I did an awesome Maternity shoot my weekly pictures definitely left something to desire. 

    Are you expecting? Have a little one you'd love to Picky Sticky? 
    Well here is your chance to win a set of your own!

    Here's how you can enter:

    -Follow life with the Hux on GFC

    -Tweet this Giveaway: I just entered to win Sticky Picky Stickers @lifewiththehux

    -Comment on any other life with the Hux. blog post!

    *Giveaway will end 10/1 & winner will be drawn via*



    Goofball + Weight loss accountability...a hodge podge post.

    Might I say that we have the goofiest 20 month old out there...

    Hux makes us laugh all day long, I swear. 
    He is a card.

    For some reason he's always finding his nips and pressing them...something neither of us taught him I promise.

    Exibit A:
    Exibit B:

    Hux started "school" on Monday.
    It was a breeze.

    He didn't even notice me leave he was so enthralled with the new toys & people his size.
    He got a great report for the day, but by the time I picked him up he was definitely ready for a boob & a nap. 

    I'm so happy he gets to have this fun experience twice a week for half a day. Going on nature walks, doing art projects, singing and learning are all such great things to add to his routine---and, bonus, Mama gets a little "me" time to clean and run errands solo.

    Not going to lie, I felt like I was missing a limb for the entire morning, and it was way too quiet around our place, but I accomplished SO much & began to relish in the new freedom.

    I even began a "Weight Loss Challenge" --my goal is 20 fat ones in 6 weeks by utilizing Herbalife meal replacement shakes and one healthy meal a day. Biggest loser wins cash--so I have my eye on the prize...ka-ching! Stepping on that scale was a huge wake up call, and I want to be a healthy-fit Mama for my Speedy Gonzalez. 

    I'll be updating you all on my progress knowing there is a big accountability factor with going public.
    So far I've been doing awesome, went to Barre Amped today which kicked my butt, and made a yummy raw vegan tomato, carrot, cashew soup for dinner.

    Props to any of you Mamas out there trying to knock the weigh too!
    Let's unite and get skinnified!!

    [Hux's first day of school photo--literally headed out the door]



    Linvilla Orchards v.2

    Today screamed "Fall is coming!".
    It was gorrrrgeous. Cool, sunny, breezy and we just had to go out and enjoy every minute of it!
    We headed to our favorite place to go this time of year--Linvilla Orchards. We went around this time last year...look how little Hux was..(click for flashback!).

    Hux had more firsts!
    First time getting his face painted---which was hilarious, and probably not the smartest idea on my part.

    First PONY RIDE! Awesome. Just awesome. Hux was totally groovin'.

    He was into the how shebang. The kids, the music, the animals, and of course all the concession stands with goodies & toys.

     Have you ever had a Funnel Cake? 
    Did you know they make Pumpkin Pie Funnel Cakes???
    Death on a plate good.

    We hope you have a great weekend & get out to enjoy this weather!



    Good times, Great Lakes.

    What a trip!
    Our twelve days on the gorgeous Leelanau Peninsula were slow & fast all at the same time.
    We're still adjusting to being home after all the hospitality, relaxing, and love we received from "Mama & Papa" as Hux dubbed his Grandparents.

    Everyday was just perfect.
    Matt & I got to sleep in while Huxley was with my parents. He is just so in love with them is melts my heart and breaks it all at once. 

    We'd wake up to fresh coffee on the porch overlooking Lake Leelanau & Lake Michigan---a view that can't be beat. My Dad would cook a breakfast of champions daily for us--Matt was spoiled & now expects steak and eggs on the regular.

    Our days would just be lazy, unplanned & just as they should be on vacation.
    On the hotter days we'd head to the beach and let Hux explore his inner Water Baby, and on the cooler days we'd just hang around the house and cruise around the woods on various forms of ATVs.

    Speaking of...that is Huxley's new obsession, going for "Kubby" rides with Papa. Seriously could NOT get enough. He'd run over it it saying, "I go! I go!" and wait by the door until someone either took him for a ride or escorted him back to the house. 

    Huxley got to spend some time with his cousin Lexi--Hux called her "Hucky". She is the best babysitter ever, and the only one who could keep up with him!!

    Hux flourished in MI, and there are now several new words & phrases to add to the list...
    "I go"
    Ice cream cone
    Nose, Eye, Mouth
    Hot Dog
    "Oh, man!"

    He pretty much repeats anything we say now--definitely not clearly or accurately, but he sure is communicating.

    It was so nice to be able to spend such a good chunk of time with my parents--especially for Hux. That was my favorite part of the trip, watching them interact, Hux shadowing "Mama" all around the house with such adoration.

    We sure do miss them already...I think it's time for a Philly Trip for them! 

    & now for the great photo dump from the trip...


    PS: The winners from the Zaggorra HotPants Giveaway are announced HERE!! (finallllllly.)


    Pure Michigan.

    Here we are in the Great Northern Country.
    It's been a gorgeous couple of days.
    No complaints.

    We have spotty internet service so I had to wait until my niece (who is the best Hux sitter in the world) came--she likes to visit the local coffee shop I once worked at & they have some pretty zippy net supply.

    The second day we were here Hux, Matt and I were in a Floatilla
    We were trying to break a World Record for largest group of kayaks and canoes. 
    Hux rode with me, and Matt spun in circles but held his own for his first time in a boat.

    If you look close enough you can see our boats---hot pink & neon green!

    It's just truly been a blast here. 
    We're soaking it all in, and enjoying ever moment we have.

    Huxley will have a hard time leaving---he is just in love with Papa & Mama as he calls his grandparents.

    He even got to drive for the first time.

    Poop eating grins ensued...

    Promise I'll announce the Giveaway winners soon!