maybe next year, Winter.

It's a darn good thing Winter has decided to take a year off, because right about now we'd be nursing some serious Cabin Fever.

We've been taking full advantage of these gorgeous days & hitting up our local park daily. It is Huxley's favorite. He squeals with delight & runs around like he owns the place--going up to everyone and greeting them with a smile.

Hux has the funniest walk--he looks like he is about to take flight as he prances about like a baby deer. He is also obsessed with walking up the slide...not going down it...he saw the big boys running up it so that's what he likes to do too.

Here are a few photos from two different park visits...
(you can click on them for an enlarged slideshow)


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Ada Ada...we love you.

We are obsessed with Ada Ada.

Created by 3 sisters in Israel, Ada Ada is hands down one of best children's clothing lines out there. Besides everything being ridiculously good-looking and polar opposite of anything those mass produced clothing companies could offer up---the fabrics are simply luxurious.

Everything is classy classic & comfy for baby, and I want more.

Ada Ada's Fall/Winter collection was a galactical masterpiece & Hux was gifted this stellar (pun intented) outfit...



Hux & his Kazoo

Huxley LOVES to play the kazoo.

It blows my mind that he has picked it up so took Mama forever to figure out how to play one--I'd confuse it with a whistle or harmonica.

Cracks me up!



Finger Food Coupon Giveaway!

Remember the post I did about Hux's favorite finger foods?

Well a few of the companies were cool enough to offer up some their products...for free!

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potty training a one year old?

Call us crazy, but we're attempting the impossible.

A lot of you I'm sure have seen my Tweets braggingly updating that Hux was successful 2/2 now 3/3 on the new training potty we got him. When he was smaller I practiced Elimination Communication, which you can read more about here. This is pretty much the next step in that--where Hux isn't really conscious of what he is doing he is however making a positive connection between the two--1) about to go potty 2) I go in this little green potty.

It would be fantabulousamazingawesome if he started to do this all by himself, but let's face the facts here: he isn't dextrous enough to unzip or undo himself from clothes & diaper. He does however, make it really easy to tell when he needs to go and is becoming quite the good little signaler!

If this saves a few diapers (either our Seventh Generations or our Fuzzibunz Cloth All-In-Ones) we are happy, and it saves the mess to clean up too.

I post this not to boast, but to update you on what we are doing with Hux. Let it be known we are just starting out on the long journey called potty training & man have I heard how long the road is...

Wish us luck!

[we got Hux Once Upon A Potty to compliment his Jahgoo potty]



Join Totsy!

Okay, okay, I am a huge Gilt girl & Zulily...but now I am addicted to TOTSY!

I've seen nothing but cute stuff for baby & Mama and at STELLAR prices.
Take for instance this sexy cowl neck top shown below...$16.00 (originally $60)...a bargain!

Go! Sign up now & get your Totsy on!

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we love USA Review

We love supporting local businesses & I was over the moon when I found eco-STORE USA--based out of my home state, Michigan!!

The kind folks at eco-STORE USA generously sent us a slew of their amazing eco-friendly products to try out--all of which we love--especially the baby care line.

EcoSTORE USA’s baby care line is created using only the finest plant-based ingredients and essential oils to gently soothe, nourish and help protect baby’s sensitive skin. They offer healthy products that can help to relieve or avoid skin conditions, rashes and other chronic problems such as asthma and allergies. With Huxley's SUPER sensitive skin this is a mega-plus!!

I love being able to bathe Huxley knowing he isn't marinating in nasty chemicals & that I am treating his fragile baby skin with the best stuff out there--because let's be honest...we have enough to worry about as parents, am I right?

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we made a Snow Baby!

It's safe to we have a Snow Baby on our hands, & Mama couldn't be any happier!
While Daddy prefers the surf & sand I could be completely content in the mountains--skiing until my legs are jello & face is numb.

The East Coast got hit with a few inches last night and I was so excited to finally be able to properly introduce Huxley to my long time friend. After a big lunch we all got bundled & headed out into the field behind our place to play---Matt even found a super awesome antique sled and Hux was all about it. It was quite the proud moment for me, really. Hux was in his element. He didn't want to go inside! But he finally agreed to & had hot milk (boobies) while I sipped some hot cocoa made with rice milk and favorite.

I'm thinking he is almost ready to get strapped to some boards to get his first ski lesson from Mommy!

We hope you are having a fun & safe weekend wherever you may roam!



Huxley's Hutch Update

Huxley's room has gone through a MAJOR transformation from before until now & I thought I'd share his very much lived in little nook.

Despite him not sleeping in his crib...ever...he loves playing in his room.

Decor is a total mish mash of everything we like...pieces I've picked up from special places--mostly near the shore of Lake Michigan, paintings by Matt & I hang above his changing table, and the portrait of Matt as a baby was done by his Aunt. There is also another little print hanging by the doorway which was done by my Aunt's Great-Grandma. Pretty darn cool, right?

Here is a 360ยบ of Huxley's room--note: this is what is looks like when it is straightened up a bit---it stayed this way for oh...halfway through the shoot & then Hux and Daddy wanted in on the fun! (or Huxley just wanted to play---he is in love with Hammy, his fake but ridiculously real looking hamster.)


Hux's 1st Birthday Photos pt. 2

I will admit I am not a Super Mom.
This party wasn't Pinterest material.
I wasn't at my sewing machine for months in advance.
I didn't bake Huxley's cake.
(Thais of Dia Doce did!)
If it wasn't for my beautiful amazing friend Kristen this party would have been a bust.

The theme was an obvious choice...woodland, & it was pretty easy to conjure up cheap decor--
we left the Christmas tree up, sans ornaments, I bought some pussy willow from Whole Foods and put it in a pretty vase. Hux has tons of woodland friends so I tossed those here & there. I cut up fabric for streamers, bought balloons & Kristen handmade the adorable banner.

For foods & bevvies we did all finger foods and White Russians (milk on the rocks for the kiddohs). I kind of forgot how rich and unstomachable White Russians are...but hey, we had a big jug of vodka & lots of mixers so we got creative.

A huge thanks to Bla Bla & Mahalo for providing the cutest party favors everrrr.
Bla Bla gifted us stickers & finger puppets which were loved by all---such perfect little goodie bag additions. Mahalo sent us the Woodland Pack of masks---they are SO fun, and are awesome for parties or gifts--the bunny would be make a great Easter Basket present! Look for them on on February 27th to get yours for a seriously discounted price!

All & all the party was a success...I never thought I'd get so much joy watching a little creature destroy a cake...can we do it every year?


[these are Huxley's GREAT Grandparents...I told you Matt comes from a good-lookin' bunch!]

[the mini-everything buffet...holy deliciousness.]

[fun little owl cupcakes!]


[cake...his FAVE!]



$10 off your first Purchase

I'm a sucker for these sort of deals.
I took FULL advantage of's $10 deal & stocked up on baby products for Huxley.
All you pay is shipping + any additional costs over $ you are essentially getting 50% off a ten dollar product...score!

Shoot me an email lifewiththehux @ or leave a comment if you want me to hook you up!



Birthday Photos & Contest Winner

I feel like I've been slacking in the blog department, but I blame it on the fact that I have a full-blown toddler.


It was like an overnight transformation where Hux went from this little bumbling wanna-be to a raging little kid who can climb, kick, play a kazoo, throw tantrums (what!?!?) and look so darn grown-up.

Granted, he's always been an old soul & never had an infantile look or sound to him, but aside from him still nursing---Huxley wants independence & utensils when he eats!!

Here are a few shots from the party...I have more to edit, mainly to show off the sweet goodies that Bla Bla sent us for party favors & the crazy awesome crafty skills of my friend Kristen--she won so many awards on Saturday. For real.

[Hux will not let go of his new baseball bat...thanks Uncle Jack!]

I also chose the winner of the Tyler's Coffee Giveaway on & behold it was the FIRST entry...weird!

Congrats Crista!! Check your email, lady!



Birthday Tradition

When we first discovered we were expecting, the financial reality hit us like a Mac Truck hauling bricks. As we started to get our place ready for the little bundle we found an old (some may say...vintage?) piggy bank which we promptly started to fill.

It was then the idea was born---every year for Huxley's birthday he will get a new bank that Mommy & Daddy will fill with spare change, and bills. When Hux is 18 he will get to open all of the banks and use that money for whatever he likes (new car, vacation, climbing gear, etc).

Right now he has 2 filled banks--we were a tad overzealous the first year, eh? For his 1st birthday he got a hand made bank from the lovely Sharon of SPI Hobbies. She personalized it to say "Hux's Stash" & painted the date 1-14-12 on the bottom.

It is the cutest darn thing & it is already full of birthday monies---we may have to start thinking Roth IRA or CDs.

If you want to start the tradition for your little one I totally encourage you to--and Sharon has been kind enough to extend to you 10% off your first bank from her shop on Etsy.
Promo Code: HUX10


mmm cake!

So...we have a one year old on our hands now! What a day of celebrating we had on Saturday--we took Sunday off & did nothing but just enjoy our little family.

I will have more photos from the party on here soon but until then here is a little clip of Hux totally digging his vegan, gluten-free, fruit-sweetened carrot cake & might I tasted AWESOME.