we made a Snow Baby!

It's safe to we have a Snow Baby on our hands, & Mama couldn't be any happier!
While Daddy prefers the surf & sand I could be completely content in the mountains--skiing until my legs are jello & face is numb.

The East Coast got hit with a few inches last night and I was so excited to finally be able to properly introduce Huxley to my long time friend. After a big lunch we all got bundled & headed out into the field behind our place to play---Matt even found a super awesome antique sled and Hux was all about it. It was quite the proud moment for me, really. Hux was in his element. He didn't want to go inside! But he finally agreed to & had hot milk (boobies) while I sipped some hot cocoa made with rice milk and favorite.

I'm thinking he is almost ready to get strapped to some boards to get his first ski lesson from Mommy!

We hope you are having a fun & safe weekend wherever you may roam!


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