baby girl gift guide + Blooming Bath Giveaway

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 Shopping for a girl has been fun...intimidating, overwhelmingly filled with ribbons and pink and cuteness, but mainly fun. 
I've kept a lot of things pretty neutral like our cradle, crib, carseat, & stroller---but definitely have acquired some frilly pink things as well. About the stroller...I have a small confession: I've already taken the new wheels on a test drive and love love love it. It did feel like something someone was missing though as the second seat only carried my giant diaper bag. 

Little Miss is pretty set for arrival--I've got a stockpile of Goat-Milk white onesies, muslin swaddling blankets, a breathable swaddler c/o Mod'Swad, light pilot caps, and all the essentials--save for a few odds + ends like new glass bottles, and newborn diapers (these were pretty crucial in the first couple days since you have to make sure Babe is getting enough milk..the ones with the indicator are fool sleep-deprived proof). Other than that we feel more than prepared & are just counting the days until her sweet debut!

If you would like to win one of those sweet Blooming Baths that are shaped like a delicate flower and are perfect for glamming up a good old fashioned sink bath then all you need to do is visit Blooming Bath's website + leave a comment telling me which color you like the best. 

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high-five! we are at twenty-five.

[My Mom is going to say something about my hair in this photo I am quite certain.]

Twenty-five. Zoomed, really. Now comes the fun part of pregnancy--the giant belly. It just grows and grows from here on out & this little Lady is exceptionally fun because she is facing the opposite way Hux was and we can visibly see her every move. It's mind-blowing. 

Nothing major to report, thankfully. I've gained less than 10 lbs. so far but have a feeling that's going right out the window the next 15 weeks. I've had a much more mindful diet this time around though, and hope to keep the weight gain under twenty---fingers crossed.  I do have some awesome varicose veins going on, which I think I had my Mother to thank, or maybe my Grandma, either way, it runs in our family---but hey, if a couple blue veins showing through is the price you pay for super amazing children then I will not complain.

Bring on all the glorious things that the third-trimester has to offer, little Miss,
you are worth it. 



sickie bugs.

[Hux chillin' on his 'Butt Pillow' to protect his sore little bum.]

What a weekend. Sickies again. No Asheville trip. Annnnd the Daddy turned 30!
Hux has a crazy tummy bug (I suspect it's Rotavirus, but we have to wait for test results) & I have another sinus infection. Cue the tiny violins. Atleast Hux keeps his cuteness flowing even when sick and is always making us laugh with his antics.

We hope your weekend has been much healthier & fun.



little Lady lovelies.

Okay, these are all pink, I know. I just had to get it out of my system and now we are pretty much set on clothes for the Miss, and basically everything else too--not because we amassed a bunch of Babies R Us junk, but because we know that there really isn't much you truly need the first few months to a year aside from Mama & some cozy blankets and little pilot hats. 

I found all those cute pieces on Zulily for a STEAL if you haven't shopped their deals you really should sign up today!




What happened to the sun? Our weather has been absolute junk. So playing outside over the weekend was a bust, and yesterday I made an attempt to get Hux out to the park and "run" him but it was bone chilling cold & this pregnant Mama is a wuss. 

Here's to hoping warmer weather awaits us in Asheville. 



where are the guys?!

Honestly. I couldn't make these up if I tried! Hux is beyond creative. Lately, if you mess with his guys positions he gets pretty peeved off. Lesson learned. Take photos quickly + quietly and leave the scene untouched. 



it's the weekend!

Pancakes, snuggles & lots of outdoor playtime awaits!

We hope you have a lovely one.


ps: Mama finally parted with Huxley's baby curls in the back. It was just a crazy knotted messy mop so we went to a legit salon & got him a proper style. Just like his Daddy's. Swoon.


What's In Our Fridge Friday--Mama's Prenatal Supplement Edition

Gulp. Chug. Sip. Pop. Choke.
The daily routine of a baby grower. 

Although my midwife doesn't recommend any particular supplement, and claims all nutrients can be derived from food, (and I agree) I don't always eat kale for breakfast, lunch & dinner and am pretty sure that the croissant + raspberry jelly didn't count for much...

So I take a pretty pennies worth of powders, pills, fibers & oils to ensure little Miss grows big and strong in there. The elderberry syrup has been thrown into the mix lately to ward off the sickies. 
No. More. Sickies.
I won't stand for it. 

If you'd like to win your own awesome, delicious, gorgeously designed sickie fighting set of Elderberry Syrup & Thyme, Lemon + Honey Throat Soothing Syrup from Orange Chair Herbs in Connecticut then leave me a comment telling me what your favorite remedies for cold & flu.

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TheVegan said...
Loading up on extra elderberry syrup, fruit smoothies packed with lots of goodies,and cod liver oil.

Never heard of using cod liver oil! Don't think I'll be trying that any time soon!
You'll be getting an email from Orange Chair soon :)



These days we spend a lot of time out back adventuring. 
Exploring the old broken down farm equipment, rock piles, and the creek where Mama + Daddy had plenty of pre-Hux picnics. This spring we'll have to introduce the littler mister to our giant 2 person hammock and the wonders of fresh baguettes and cheese.

The warm weather is just around the corner, I saw it...& it means that baby Sister is trailing not far behind!



'terrible' two.

We thought we might sneak by 2 scott free. 
We've thought a lot of things as first time parents, but you know what? We are constantly humbled. That being said, we have it extremely easy with mister Huxley. He's so zen. It is rare that he flares up at us, and it's typically over something understandable like wanting a delicious cupcake from Dia Doce for dinner or more iPad time, (which Mama resolved by accidentally shattering it to pieces).  I'm wondering if we're really in for it when little Miss arrives--maybe this is the calm before the storm? 

I hope I'm wrong. I pray I am. I want nothing more than to have our tribe continue on like she's always been a part of it & that Huxley has the understanding and patience the first few weeks.

That's not too much to ask of a 2.5 year old, is it?

Time will tell...




Dear Little Miss,
You are quite the acrobat & already like to pick on your brother by kicking him while he lays on me or is in the Ergo. It's just a small glimpse into what is about to unfold for all of us---and we are just fine with that--it'll be a grand adventure, won't it? I've been having so much fun picking out little ruffly things for you here + there, and really hope you share Mamas love of fairies and all things woodland--it's amazing how lost in Wonder over you I truly am. You are the size of a papaya right now and can hear what's going on around you (lots of Huxley squeals and "No, no, nos" from Mama), don't worry little Lady, you'll have your share soon. 

Until then--enjoy that warm peaceful cocoon & keep on growing big + strong + healthy, okay?

Love you through & through.


What's In Our Fridge Friday

This week's fridge happens to belong to the amazing baby + twin toddler (that's 3 kids under two, folks) juggling Mama, Crista, who writes over at Hearts and Hands More Than Full.  You seriously need to go and check out her story. It's inspiring, and will make your hard day with one toddler seem like a day at the spa. 

Crista keeps her fridge totally organized in a His + Hers kind of style. She likes to do 300-400 calorie meals, while her hubs takes in about 1k. Awesome. To be that lucky, right? In the repurposed honey jar (local Jelinek honey, that is...yum), she keeps homemade flax meal. There is various tofus (firm for cooking & silken for smoothie), tart cherry juice (rockin' for joints and high in antioxidents), english muffins, and coconut water chillin' at the bottom---you know, the good stuff. Crista seems to keep a pretty crunchy fridge, & I love it!

Honestly, I'm surprised she doesn't have two refrigerators---teen years, perhaps? 

If you want your fridge featured please send photos & a little bit about what's in them to



wee wee home.

 "Wee Wee Home" or "This Little Piggie" as you may call it, is one of Huxley's favorite games lately. 
He plays it on us, on his baby doll, his Sesame Street guys. He's pretty darn good at remembering who goes to the market & who stays home, too!

A little Mama confessional: we broke down & gave Hux a bottle this morning (I think it was 3am...not sure, we held out for soooo long too), but nothing was consoling him---he didn't even ask for a bottle, but I'm pretty sure he's got some molars growing in & it put him back to bed instantly. To be honest with you, at 3 am, after on/off bouts of tears, screams, fusses, etc...I was OK with breaking down (and I think Matt was too, although he definitely wasn't on board with my decision at first).

Three steps forward, one giant step back.
We'll get there eventually.



hello, Monday.

[photo c/o Liz Kaneda]

Here we are again, another weekend finished and another week has begun. On Friday we did the big bottle purge---cleaned & packed them all up, and you know what? They stayed put. Huxley is rising to the challenges we present him with such ease--of course there were some rough patches and sleep is nothing to write home about, but here we are three days later & he hasn't had a single bottle.

Now, to potty train & get him into a big boy bed before July...

baby steps, my friends, baby steps.



What's In Our Fridge Friday

Can you find the 5 different kinds of milk in our fridge? 

A bit overboard, right? Well, let me tell you we are kicking the bottle, and by we I mean Hux, but really we are all in this together because kid is crazy in love with his dairy-free formula that he's been supplemented with but at 20+ dollars a can--yea, we have to knock it. Not to mention how much I am over scrubbing & sterilizing those stupid things. Anyways, we are trying various dairy-free alternatives such as soy, almond, coconut (still have to give rice a whirl)--we had a little luck with goat's milk in the beginning & we may have to try that again because Huxley hates all of the options we've presented so far.

See the arrow in the photo on the left? That stuff is Unicorn Juice. Pure magic in the awesomest of packaging (yep, I swoon for good packaging.) They're actually herbal syrups made by Orange Chair Herbs. Remember how we were dying with the sickies for like 2 months? See how we are healthy & moving mountains daily? My point exactly. Come back next week for a chance to win some of your own delicious health boosters from Orange Chair Herbs!

& please, you guys...send me your fridge photos or this is going to get real redundant...and hey, you'll become famous & stuff.