wee wee home.

 "Wee Wee Home" or "This Little Piggie" as you may call it, is one of Huxley's favorite games lately. 
He plays it on us, on his baby doll, his Sesame Street guys. He's pretty darn good at remembering who goes to the market & who stays home, too!

A little Mama confessional: we broke down & gave Hux a bottle this morning (I think it was 3am...not sure, we held out for soooo long too), but nothing was consoling him---he didn't even ask for a bottle, but I'm pretty sure he's got some molars growing in & it put him back to bed instantly. To be honest with you, at 3 am, after on/off bouts of tears, screams, fusses, etc...I was OK with breaking down (and I think Matt was too, although he definitely wasn't on board with my decision at first).

Three steps forward, one giant step back.
We'll get there eventually.


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