[Raw Baltic Amber Necklace c/o GreenOrangeViolet]
We are rapidly approaching Ellis' 3 month milestone.
Every day she is doing something new and most definitely cute.
She is no longer content to just lay in her bouncy seat or snuggle with us, unless it's bedtime, then she is a pro-snuggler & must be near me all night long.
When awak, Ellis wants to move & groove and talk talk talk.
And eat.
This girl can eat.
I'm still trying to rebuild my supply and our donated milk has been depleted.
Kind of makes for a very stressed out Mama, which then hinders my milk even more.

One step forward 10 steps back over here.



Hello, Fall Favorites Giveaway

Fall is hands down my favorite time of year.
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making molehills out of mountains.

Seems like I've just been treading water over on this side of the screen.

Went back into the hospital on Sunday (first night I had to spend away from Ellis--worst night of my life), and left Monday as a walking (moreso bedbound) petri dish.

For weeks I was getting the blow-off from my OB practice. They said this was all normal, to live with the pain, etc etc. They made a molehill out of a mountain.

I went into ER three times in the past two weeks.
They found mersa, and a new fluid collection.

So basically, I know my body and how I feel & the entire time the practice (whom I have fired) was telling me how to feel otherwise.

This has been uphill battles since Ellis was born. 
I hate that this hasn't been a calm, celebratory time.
I hate that Huxley has been really taking a hit on this. We try and pour all of our attention on him, but there is only so much I can do right now--which is basically snuggle him and read miles and miles of books. It's time I truly cherish with him.

Ellis is definitely not a newborn anymore.
She is trying to sit up, has rolled over a couple times from back to stomach (what!?) and is a eating machine! 

Oh, and speaking of...
I have amazing amazing Mama friends.
They swooped in a donated breast milk when I was unable to provide for Ellis.
I had no back supply in our freezer, and with being in & out of the hospital, and hearing different takes on what medicines are okay or not okay to breast feed on...well..we ran out of options, and then boom our freezer was packed with the best nutrition Ellis can have--I cried out of thanksgiving a couple times and will definitely be taking those ladies to lunch when I am healed.

We have some pretty exciting things coming up on the blog & I cannot wait to write to you with news that I am 100% h-e-a-l-t-h-y.

Until then,
the winner of the mega awesome Etsy Giveaway was drawn.
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ten weeker.

[Knit Booties c/o NEEDLEhead crafts]

[She loves Hux even when he's stealing her "squeaky squeaky".]

I guess I should be familiar with this by now.
The fleeting time your babe stays a newborn.
Ellis is all smiles & coos.
Awake and alert.
Scooting and trying out her legs.
Such strength + untainted beauty.

Huxley and her get along so well.
We really are blessed in that respect, and many others.

I've still be trying to heal up--recently discovered that I am infected with MRSA (mersa--a form of staph). It hasn't been fun, and I am dying to get on with my life and do all the little things I relish like:

bubble baths
farmers markets
Target shopping
trips to the Grandparents
sushi dinner dates
taking Hux to the park
even cleaning for goodness sakes!!

One day I'll report back and let you know I've done all of those things finally.
We hope.


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(Photo by Highland Street Photography)

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the babes' rooms...

 Hux & Lulu's rooms are finally completed*.
I am in love with their spaces & I think they are too.

Keep in mind we moved into our house in May.
Ripped up the floors upstairs mid-June.
The rooms were totally undone when I went to the hospital.
We kind of just picked away after I got home, & went back in, then came home again.
Whenever I'd get bursts of energy I would go and plug away at something in one of their rooms--it was cathartic, an outlet, and kept my mind off of all the crap I didn't want to dwell on.

Mobile made by my lovely & talented friend Chelsee who owns Charlie Boy Nashville
The "Lulu Pink" Deer Head, made by yours truly
Walls were painted with Lullaby Paints (which was awesome because I could work with the paint, as it's so natural you could probably drink it---I don't suggest it, but just sayin'. There are no fumes, no nasty chemicals, and the color was a gorgeous light light light pink. Loved the consistency of the paint too--went on nice, and the final product was just fab!

Coat rack from Urban Outfitters
Whale Rug from his Grandpop (I think it's LL Bean)

Thank you for taking a little tour of our little loves rooms.
We hope you stop by again soon...

...*to see all the fun new additions being added--can...not...wait!!


PS: Photos were taken by the lovely miss Tiffany of Highland Street're going to puddle when you see the newborn photos of miss Ellis!


2 days shy of 2 months.

You see that sweet little bundle of a lady I'm kissing on in that photo? Well that's miss Ellis at 8 weeks. Mama turns twenty-nine tomorrow & she will be 2 months the next day.

& the world keeps on spinning.



Buying for Baby Girl: Accessory Edition & MAJOR Etsy Goodness Giveaway

Having a little lady has opened up a whole new world...and Daddy's wallet.
I can't even begin to describe how much fun I have dolling up miss Ellis--it really was one of the things that got me through the rough recovery & hospital room boredom--that, & all of the amazing people who were by my side rallying for me, taking care of Huxley, and just simply being beautiful souls. 

When we went into the hospital I had added a box of pretties that these lovely Etsy shops had sent us to my hospital bag thinking it may be completely frivolous but little did I know that I'd spend so much time putting on different little bows, hats + headbands and do little photo shoots with my squishy sleepy model.

Each shop featured has gorgeous, hand crafted items that are perfect for everything from everyday wear, holidays, and photo shoot props---a couple (Lil' Nell, up a tree cup a tea co, Chunky Monkey Crochet, Hoo Loves You Baby & Urban Baby Bonnets) even carry items for the mini-man in your life--adorable bow ties, paper hats, crocheted hats...I mean, these ladies are pure talent!

1. Sugar Bee Boutique 
We were sent the sweetest little fairy wing set from Elizabeth for our photo-shoot (photos will be back from photographer soon!! Ee!) It was so pretty, and absolutely perfect for what we were going for---an Anne Geddes style shoot, with lots of natural light and a little fairy princess amongst flowers.

This crafty Mama just had twins--boys! Go her, right!? And she is already back at it, creating these adorrrrable pilot caps, which we swear by---they keep your Babe's head warm, and ears protected & c'mon---they're stinking cuter than the dickens.

3. up a tree cup a tea co. 
You've probably seen Johanna's sweet little bows on many bloggin' Mamas babes. They're perfection. She even designed a 'Lulu' set of bows and a 'Huxley' bow tie. Beyond. We're smitten, and the elastic is so forgiving on Ellis' head since it's a sort of twisted fabric. Love that.

When we received our box of pretties from the talented miss Courtney I was so floored. Soo many bows, and flowers. They were Ellis' first accessories, and she rocked them hard in the hospital and is still to this day. They can even transition into clips once my little baldy has some hair...bonus!
For 20% until the end of October use the code; HUXANDLULU at checkout!

5. Posies and Petals
I had envisionments of a Mama + Baby shot with us both wearing flower garlands, but unfortunately I wasn't up to the challenge of making my own, so we just got Lulu in her yellow flower crown from Megan. She was a woodland angel. I am so excited to see the photos of her in it!

6. Chunky Monkey Crochet
Al of Chunky Monkey Crochet creates crocheted masterpieces. We were sent the gray pixie bonnet, & oh my--it's so soft, and elfen & definitely going in miss Lulu's baby keepsake box.

A Mama + Daughter shop, that makes magic at their kitchen table creating such fantastic whimsical pieces that you must have in your next photoshoot. Seriously, you will be overwhelmed with cuteness, and probably put a good dent in your wallet. So. Much. CUTENESS.

Ellis has been saved by her Urban Baby Bonnet from the crazy hot summer sun (on those good days that we actually got outside to play). Tons of fun designs to choose from, for boys, girls + adults. From summer hats to winter fleece lined caps, you can find that perfect shower/birthday/ChristmasKwanizika gift that's unique and functional.


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