the era of the Milk Trucks has come to an end...

So, I know I've been distant.
I've been quiet, and avoiding you.
It is not you it is me.

Life has been just ass-kicking me and blogging about it would just be total Debbie-Downer drivel that no one wants to hear. 

You want cute photos of our edible children.
To know they're growing way too fast, & are outsmarting us on pretty much everything.

(Jesus, give us strength.)

We are all well, just got our first snow. 
Kids=super duper stoked
Parents=not so much stoked on the 20 minutes of bundling & unbundling for 4 minutes of outside play...

Huxley is almost 5, going on 25 and I have a series of blogs to come on him and his mind-blowing intellect. 

Ellis, is 2 1/2 and is keeping up with Hux in all things, and it is scaring the living daylights out of both mama and daddy. Slow. Down. Child. 
She is finally sleeping in her own bed, and is slowly but surely weaning from the "babas", which
as most extended breastfeeding mama's can relate is both joyous and incredibly bittersweet. Especially since she will most likely be the last to enter our tribe via my womb. 
(We've been praying on Foster Parenting/Adopting, but that is long down the road, my friends.)

Here we are, just doing our day by day routines. 
Growing little people, tending their souls, and crossing fingers & toes and praying to God that we are molding exceptional members of society.
We hope that you are well, and please drop us a line!

Have been meaning to get a fun giveaway together but like I said...struggling over here!! Soon! I promise!