chalk it up to a detour until meantime

the writing's on the wall
i know you can't see it,

but Darling, trust me
it's down the hall
just a few more steps
& you'll read
that you and i simply cannot be,

maybe momentarily---
but definitely not for eternity.


on second though
let's sit & talk
look at the words they're only chalk

and it comes down unwanted goodbyes
know those lines disappear
with the help of our un-dry eyes.

for now we should leave alone
those stars in their skies,
not ask whys

and just live off our newfound happy sighs.


two sides/one coin.

It's that just lately...I see both side of the coin. A symmetric display of either/or, this or that, and the options are quite rattling.

I'm liking the view.
I'm controlling my urges.
I'm making better choices.

I am seeing the beauty & sadness all in a glance.

The beginning and end all on one page..


It is like a broken abandoned piano and all the time in the world to bring back it's song.



maybe, May baby..yes indeed honey, it's getting sunny.

it's written on my heart

the story of us from end to start...

I just know it.

I feel it in my bones like I feel the sun wanting to stay up late & play but damn that moon and the man in it for that matter...

Spring promises big things,

& I am ready.


the days drag like a last cigarette

i only save a few words
kept safe in place i let no one,
but you.

they're pure,
and they are sacred
every single one of them true.

unlike so many things
i let slip through my soul
like a sieve,

i have become a clouded muddied version
of what you remember of me
my heart a flooded river
with nothing left to give.

it's been years
too many emptied beers
& cheap back alley souvenirs.

and i've tried to call
to tell you that i am sorry,

& i'm okay,
and alone.

but you don't recognize my voice
& hang up the phone.

so i swallow another sunset
& chase it with tears
falling from blue eyes gone gray
shattered like a thousand mirrors.

this is 3am promises
and last cigarettes,

this is life when you forget you're way home,
because it's hidden in your chest.