coming back from an extended weekend & holiday

We had a lovely holiday weekend!

Sunday was my last day at Starbucks. Bittersweet, but welcomed. We did lots of grilling, baby pool swimming, fresh fruit eating & hanging outside on our deck.

Yesterday we took Huxley to the Devon Horse Show/Fair.
(I forgot my camera, dangit.)

Hux rode on his first Ferris Wheel, tried a lemon (& liked it!), and saw horses jumping! Mama had her first Funnel Cake...kind of like an Elephant Ear, but different shape/texture and it's covered in powdered sugar! Soooo good, but so very bad.
Despite some ridiculously hot hot heat we had quite the nice little holiday.

I mean, look at this beautiful's hard not to have a good time whenever he's around.



Nineteen Weeks & a Day!

Nineteen weeks.

It's been a trip...
& it's been nothing but smiles, goos, gahs, giggles, the occasional case of hiccups, and wide-eyed wonder.

Huxley can now roll over from tummy to back & visa versa, he can hold his head up very well as he tries to navigate his way around.
Yes, he's skooching backwards, & beginning to roll where he wants to go. When in crawling position Hux becomes quite frustrated because he just wants to go!

Hux is now groovin' on some purees.
So far he's tried bananas, peas, pears, prunes, butternut squash, carrots, apples, strawberries and avocados.
(avocados & frozen nanners being his favorite)

He's still babbling away.
There are some new noises coming out of him like "bahs, and boos".

Huxley is loving his little pool we have set up for him outside & could splash in it all day if you let him! He also really enjoys bath time. He's been a water baby from day one!

And here we 19 weeks (+one day)...


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Hux gave peas a chance.



splish splash!

Yesterday was hot.

The Baby Turtle Pool was a must & Huxley lah-ovvvveed it! He was kicking and splashing and laughing and getting Mama & Daddy wet as we giggled along.
(Thanks Great Auntie PJ for the pool!!)

& it was still right-from-the-hose cold!

Looks like we've got a little fish on our hands...



trial run of cloth diapering

& so it's begun...

Cloth diapering.

I haven't completely dove in..
I'm just kind of dipping a few toes in at this point.
Testing the waters.

We have a slew of oldschool cloth diapers that we've been using for burp cloths, so instead of investing a pretty bill or two in new All In One Cloth Diapers or Pocket Cloth Diapers I bought some diaper pins & covers and approached diapering like my Grandmothers would...and did!

After all was said & done I think I'd really really really enjoy cloth diapering, but with the new fancy ones...because the old style turned Huxie's tush area etc. etc. into a greenhouse.

No bueno.

Oh & the bonus...cloth diapers just look so gosh darn cute on him!


and the winner is......


Carrots & Bananas

this is how we feel about steamed carrots & fresh mashed nanners...

...not the biggest fan, but we still love frozen nannahs for breakie!


our 18 week old & a big CONGRATS!

Well, 18 weeks have come & gone.
Huxley gets bigger by the minute & never stops wiggling, moving, exploring, giggling.
He's just the best.
This weekend we got all spiffied up for our friend's Eric & Kristen's wedding! They are such amazing people & make a beautiful couple! I met them through, you might have guessed it--- Starbucks!
Hux loves hanging with Kristen when the Mama's at work & we are so blessed to have them in our lives.

[the gorgeous glowing bride & the Hux.]

Congratulations Eric & Kristen!



tubby time.

Hux loves it.
Especially in his European Wash Pod.
He's loved it since day one & still really enjoys how it cradles him in there with enough room to splash around. Mama likes it since there isn't Lake Huxley on the floor after bath time & cleaning it is a breeze---and it's far quicker sanitizing his tub as opposed to our big one.

& they're super affordable too...hands down a must have in your baby arsenal!

[sorry about the so-so photo day I'll own my dream day.]



babble baby

Yesterday I made a comment to Matt about Huxley being a lot quieter than usual....Huxley must have been listening...



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what we wore...

My latest obsession? Fedoras.
I've always had a soft spot for hats & the mister can attest that I have quite the collection, but as of late it's been these fun little additions to any outfit...

On zee Mama..
Fedora: Scala Pronto
Top: Comfy U.S.A.
Pants: Gap
Flops: Teva

On zee Hux...
Hat: Baby Gap
Hoodie: Target
Pants: Target
Shoes: Gymboree



Firsts Everywhere!!

I had to pull out Huxley's Baby Book lastnight & really lay down some ink.

He has SO many first accomplishments to log, especially his first taste of big people food!

It's kind of a tradition in our family to let the teething babies gnaw on a cleaned off rib bone, and so, Huxley had his initiation with Grandpa followed by a few first bites of organic rice cereal mixed with boobie milk.

Yummmy num nums.



Four Months & Feelin' Fine.

Huxley Otis is a little over 16 weeks young, but everyone who's met him agrees he has an old soul.

Huxie's been on so many adventures as of late & so many milestones have gone down in the books.

He can roll from his tummy to back, and last week while in Michigan visiting the Grandparents he rolled from his back to his tummy!!

Hux LOVES exercise time with Grandma, which involves a lot of standing up & crunches.
(our child's got 6-pack abs it's ridiculous!)

His new favorite thing is grabbing ahold of his bottle, bringing it to his mouth & feeding himself all on his own. It cracks us up. Seriously. He is a comic.

We're continuously blessed with such a sweet, snuggly, active & alert little boy.

He brings us joy by the handful.