Four Months & Feelin' Fine.

Huxley Otis is a little over 16 weeks young, but everyone who's met him agrees he has an old soul.

Huxie's been on so many adventures as of late & so many milestones have gone down in the books.

He can roll from his tummy to back, and last week while in Michigan visiting the Grandparents he rolled from his back to his tummy!!

Hux LOVES exercise time with Grandma, which involves a lot of standing up & crunches.
(our child's got 6-pack abs it's ridiculous!)

His new favorite thing is grabbing ahold of his bottle, bringing it to his mouth & feeding himself all on his own. It cracks us up. Seriously. He is a comic.

We're continuously blessed with such a sweet, snuggly, active & alert little boy.

He brings us joy by the handful.


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super cute baby boy! (and I love love the name.)

I'm glad I found you (via spearmint baby blog hop) since our baby is just a few weeks younger than yours!

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