Going Home.

In these few short days we've been near the shores of Lake Michigan Huxley Otis has grown.

I'm convinced it's all the fresh air, pure water, and love love love he's been groovin' off of, but my theories aside, this little baby's blooming into quite the little boy.

Going on this Big Adventure has meant a lot to Mama, since I once lived off Wanderlust & wanton wishes, moving whenever the urge struck me and not caring what tomorrow may bring.

There is just something about packing your bags & moving that really makes you feel alive, ya know?

I had a few years of my life where I sort of lost the concept of home, I lived out of a tent & my car, that's not a home, my parent's house was my parent's house, not my home. It wasn't until I met Matt that my heart remembered what & where home is...
Huxley's definitely shown signs of missing home, because that's where Daddy is, and he is our heart.

He is our home.

& so, we are packing up our bags and beginning the long drive back...yet another adventure is on our horizon to add to the books.

(I have no clue who taught Hux to give the Bird...)

(walking with Grandpa in the woods.)


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