I am a Mom.

Coming back to visit the place where I was born & raised with my son has blown my mind.

As I drove the back roads I once cruised alone, music turned up real loud, no care in the world, I smiled as that all faded away with the backseat now harboring my sleeping baby.

As I laid on the floor playing with Hux, laughing and cooing as my Mom watches in approval my heart swelled.

As I sat across the table from my Grandmother, nursing Huxley, it was all I could do to keep from crying & I could see in her eyes she felt the same.

She mothered my Mother who mothered me and now I am a Mom.

I am a Mom.

That word still rolls awkwardly around my mouth when I speak of myself having that highly regarded title.

God blessed me with such a role.

A Mother.


& I can only hope to become half the Mother mine has been.

Happy Mama's Day, all you marvelous, amazing, women.


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