Tea for two!

We have been in love with Tea Collection from the very beginning.
They offer exactly my taste in clothing for both baby & me, and the fabrics are so lightweight and snuggly that Hux can wear these to bed or throughout the day.

I'm a huge fan of basics, and Tea has perfect versatile prints and styles that allow me to layer and create several different looks with just a few adorable pieces.

They even make fun pieces for Mama! Which I must add to my struggling wardrobe ASAP.

Here is Hux modeling a cardigan, romper, and leggings all from Tea Collection for Baby:

[we love Tea & so should you!]


My thumbs have turned green...

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have fallen absolutely in love with gardening.

Last summer we had tomato plants and an herb box. They flourished and it was so rewarding to make fresh salads with home grown goodness.

This summer I am going all out.

I've already planted seeds for broccoli, basil, parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, beets, chard, kale, spinach, and haricot verts.

All organic seeds, planted in a magical mixture of organic soil and Expand ‘n Gro™

EnG Product Shot.png

I already have tons of seedlings & am so excited to transplant into our large deck garden.

Miracle-Gro Expand'n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix is not like any other potting soils because of it's combination of Miracle-Gro plant food and coconut coir fiber.

Coconut coir fiber makes mix lighter, compact, and far easier to store than a bulky cumbersome bag of potting soil. The real magic though? When watered, the coir fibers expand up to 3 times and feeds plants for up to 6 months...perfect for any busy Mama who loves to garden but struggles to find time to water daily. The honeycombed shape of the fibers also allow for more workable native soil and retains up to 50% more moisture than basic potting soil.

Growing your family's food is such a gift and I totally encourage you to try it out this summer & see for yourself.


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Hi, I'm Hux.

My Mama likes to Blahg all about me.
I think it's cool, because obviously--it is about me--so duh, it's gotta be.If you have a cool company with sweet stuff that I'd like to...
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It's pollen season.
The air is thick with grossness, and needless to say---if you are taking your babe for a stroll...your baby's ride is gonna need some help.

Regardless of season, strollers need a good scrub down to bring them back to that brand new out of box sparkle, and BuggyLOVE is here to make magic happen!

Check out that image above.
Just relish in it.
They have the BEST packaging I've ever seen!!
& the product?
I used it on Hux's Valco Baby Stroller and it took it from dull to DING!!! Clean.

Best of's 100% natural organic & good for you, baby & World.

What's better than that?
I want to give you a BuggyLOVE kit for FREE.
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oh, yea...I Blahg & stuff...

If you are still hanging around...
I know I have been totally negligent of Hux's blog, but we have been enjoying every single second of Grandpa & Grandma time that we have.

(seriously. we have moved into their freaking hotel room.)

My last post was so frustrating to write because the hotel's computer had a whacky system I couldn't figure out (not a Mac). Right now I'm on my Dad's MacBook and I thought it'd be fun to steal some never before seen photos for our blog...

There pretty flippin' hilarious if I do say so take a look..

[Hux with his cousins Lexi & Mariah circa Summer 2011]



Easter Basket Goodness Giveaway Winner & MIA-ness

Hi! Wow. Sorry we have been so MIA lately...I can explain!
Zee Grandpa & Grandma are here visiting from Michigan, and needless to say it has been a non- stop spoilathon for Huxley. He is just sooooo lucky to have them, and it will be a
huge bummer when they have to go...

Okay...the computer I am using at their hotel is totally whack & I must end this post with two things:


2) Giveaway winner has been announced here---



Hux's First Water Ice.

Water Ice.

Before I lived on the East Coast I had never heard of the stuff.

I was all like, "You mean ice water?". So entirely baffled by the obsession of these Philly folk with their Water Ice & Cheese Steaks, and Tastykakes. Seriously...such gross unhealthy foods I tell ya.

But anyways, Water Ice is okay in my book.
I like Mango, Hux digs Pear. It's like a slushy but not really & when it's 80ยบ outside in March--you don't really care what it is as long as it has the words ice and water.

& here are a few photos of Hux's very first taste of the stuff...

[clearly it was a hit.]



Nourish your Babe.

You've been there...
On the go, baby is hungry & oops--you forgot their bottle or sippy cup.
You can't put the formula in a bottle of's now screaming...people are staring...what do you do??!!

Nourish saves the day.

Nourish Mama's conjured up purified spring water in cute little portable non-toxic, bisphenol a, phthalate & BPA free, plastic bottles...that are spill proof.

These are totally essential in every diaper bag & car and hopefully soon Starbucks will carry them in their little cooler section, because what Mom wouldn't need that during an impromptu coffee date?

So basically...these little gems are the bees knees & Huxley approved.

Go order yourself a case.



these toes...

I love Huxley's toes,
& everything attached to them.

These toes are kissed & counted daily.

I swear, there is nothing more beautiful than watching your child grow.
It's slow and fast & sad and magical all at the same time.

I love those tiny toes.



summer in March?

Yesterday was picnic perrrfect.

I could NOT rob Huxley of the gorgeous weather so I put to use what I've seen on so many Mama's Pinterests & Blogs and put together a big tub of water and tossed in various cups, utensils and other fun water sorting devices.

Pretty sure Hux would have been content with that for hours, but didn't want him to fry in the direct sunlight so we peaced on over to our local park and romped around there for awhile.

I then decided it was time for Mogeeto hour (that's Mojito for all you fancy folk).
One of Huxley's favorite ladies, Kristen, came over and we had cocktails & Huxie dinner on the deck. Then the men came, sparked the grill, 'cause that's what men love to do, and we feasted on some Turkey Feta & Sundried Tomato Burgers and other delicious food stuff.

& you know what's awesome?
Today is just as--if not MORE--beautiful than yesterday!

We are hitting repeat & playing on the deck again in our tubby of watery goodness.
It's pretty glorious that I actually got to start planting seeds too---got some organic broccoli & some Fox Cherry Tomatoes planted. I bet they're sprouted by this evening--I mean look at Hux...I am good at growing things!



Hux the Drummer.

This is what I get to come home from work to...
[couldn't ask for anything better.]



Wedding Weekend & Daylight Savings Beatdown.

Did anyone else get wrecked whilst springing ahead?
Holy wow, I never thought losing an hour would be so debilitating.
In my defense we had a wedding to attend. An hour away. With Hux.

& I swear if Matt tells me, "Honey, it's no big deal! It's just overnight." ONE. MORE. TIME...

Because it is a big deal when you are taking your mini-monster child who needs a million changes of clothes and toys and snacks and booger wipes and and and...

You know the routine.

It was great to have a little getaway though.
To play dress up.
Sip on a fancy cocktail & be amongst other adults.

BONUS: Our hotel room got upgraded & it was glorrrrious.
Huxley slept pretty much the entire night spread eagle in the giant King size bed.


He wore a bowtie.



whine sesh.

I'm exhausted.
Drained. Maxed. Tapped.
It feels like we have a newborn again in our house with Hux teething like a maniac.

We were at the park today and it took all the energy I had chasing him around the place & making sure he didn't bite anyone or go down the Triple Black Diamond slide.
(...only one kid was bitten.)

I don't know how you Mamas with multiple kiddos do it. Ku-dos!

Atleast we have a mini-getaway this weekend & maybe I'll get some sleep.

Here's to hoping!

Good thing for Huxley that he is the cutest dang thing to ever grace this he is sporting his sleepy face.



how to (naturally) get through teething...

It's been 7 months since Hux got six teeth overnight...seriously...I am not joking...
Four on top & two on the bottom.

The night before they sprouted Huxley had a fever of 103.5 & a severely running nose. He nursed pretty much the entire day before and into the night but the next day when they finally emerged he was back to his happy smiley self.

The past week I knew something was up & spotted the culprit right next to his bottom two teeth. I'd been speculating for months it was his back teeth, but lo & behold it is the front bottom AND the back! Yikes.

Last night Hux slept on my chest. The poor thing was writhing in pain, and could not get comfortable. I hate feeling helpless as a Mama and cradled & nursed him until he fell back to sleep and through the night.

I read somewhere that as adults we couldn't bear the pain of teething, and I can only imagine how bad it hurts. We have done everything we can to lessen the trauma of this milestone by using these magical items shown below...
These are great for wiping sensitive runny noses!

The & probably awkwardest baby invention...literally a booger MAGIC on the snot though!

We try not to dose Hux with Ibuprofen (although we do use it on occasion) but I find Hyland's to be the best Homeopathic alternative.
The Amber Teething Necklace...I believe this has helped is believed to cover a multitude of teething woes such as:
  • Immune Boosting Properties
  • Reduction In teething pain
  • Calm a baby without resorting to drugs
  • Anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties
  • Recognized by allopathic medicine as a natural analgesic
&'s cute as heck.

Good luck to all you Mamas & Papas that have fussy babies on your's only a temporary blip on their lifelong journey.

PS: All of these items can be found via



happy weekend!

Hi guys!
We hope you are having a wonderful weekend despite the nutso weather.
I'll admit, I was freaking for my family & friends both in Michigan and south of the Mason-Dixon. It's crazy how winter can go from being so mild and pleasant to a raging hormonal you know what.

Hux is cutting some teeth...for real this time...I can SEE one in front about to break through...but seriously, it's been 7 months since he last cut teeth the poor guy!

We send love & all good things.



another dreamy outfit idea...

Polyvore has become my bestie,
as I'm still trying to get inspired in the fashion department.

Yellow is such a fun color to mix into a low profile outfit.
It adds a fun pop to this otherwise neutral ensemble, and that necklace...OH MY, yes & please!

There is no way I could squeeze into that dress, but eventually I would love to effortlessly slink into something similar without fretting my Mama bod.

We have an upcoming wedding to attend that has me in a full blown freak-sesh about finding something to wear that is both functional in the Milk-Truck department & flattering. I've ramped up the stroller walking & water drinking, and have been trying to watch what I put in my mouth (I had a bad habit of polishing off Hux's meal after he has finished & I've put a stop to that).

What gets you inspired?

Untitled #13


PS: I promise I am not trying to be a Fashion Blog...just wanted to share some of these fun ensembles with you ladies! xo


Citrus Lane!

It's no shocker that I LOVE getting presents in the mail...Even though they are for Hux 99.8% of the time.
Every day when Matt comes through the door the first thing I ask him is, "Presents?".
Last month we got a super awesome box (seriously...the box itself is awesome!) from Citrus Lane.

Citrus Lane customizes & hand picks the items perfect for your little one & they were spot on with Huxley's box! He is the biggest fan of his new eco-friendly Tug Boat! It makes it even harder to end bath time, but it's great for helping Mama rise the soap from his hair! Win-win.

I highly suggest signing up for a Monthly Membership today--and guess what--you can take 20% off your first month just for being friends with Hux!

Just type in the Code: CITRUS20E