whine sesh.

I'm exhausted.
Drained. Maxed. Tapped.
It feels like we have a newborn again in our house with Hux teething like a maniac.

We were at the park today and it took all the energy I had chasing him around the place & making sure he didn't bite anyone or go down the Triple Black Diamond slide.
(...only one kid was bitten.)

I don't know how you Mamas with multiple kiddos do it. Ku-dos!

Atleast we have a mini-getaway this weekend & maybe I'll get some sleep.

Here's to hoping!

Good thing for Huxley that he is the cutest dang thing to ever grace this he is sporting his sleepy face.



Crista said...

super cute sleepy face :)

Kristin said...

Oh, that is rough. It is like having a newborn all over again except he's running around keeping you busy doing all those difficult and dangerous toddler things on top of it! Hope he's feeling better soon!