Wedding Weekend & Daylight Savings Beatdown.

Did anyone else get wrecked whilst springing ahead?
Holy wow, I never thought losing an hour would be so debilitating.
In my defense we had a wedding to attend. An hour away. With Hux.

& I swear if Matt tells me, "Honey, it's no big deal! It's just overnight." ONE. MORE. TIME...

Because it is a big deal when you are taking your mini-monster child who needs a million changes of clothes and toys and snacks and booger wipes and and and...

You know the routine.

It was great to have a little getaway though.
To play dress up.
Sip on a fancy cocktail & be amongst other adults.

BONUS: Our hotel room got upgraded & it was glorrrrious.
Huxley slept pretty much the entire night spread eagle in the giant King size bed.


He wore a bowtie.


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Crista said...

those are some handsome men in bowties/ties :) looks like fun and the cocktail sounds GREAT!