waiting + wading

Bags are packed, teeny precious clothes are washed, room is ready,
bassinet is so horribly empty.

C'mon, sweet girl, c'mon.



tribe of three...

Soon, quite soon, we will become four.
Our paradigms will shift, our schedules will rearrange, and our hearts will grow to proportions we've never known possible. Until then we've been enjoying our surroundings. Michigan in the summertime is basically heaven on earth. Hux is in his element near the water, collecting rocks and being naked 98% of the time.

Little miss Lulu as we've come to call her is one week away (give or take) from her big debut, and we are on pins + needles with excitement. We got to see her today at a late ultrasound because my OB was convinced she's a monster baby, but ha! ha! she seems to be measuring right on track--well, her head is already at 40 weeks, but let's not dwell on that fact too much...



my Baby Boy.

The room on my lap has been pretty much overtaken by Baby Sister. It breaks my heart that I can't squeeze Huxley close or hold him like I could when he was an itty-bitty, but I'll still cradle him and kiss him up--he likes to tell me how he's my "Baby Boy"...which he is..forever & ever Amen.

He has grown so much in Michigan.
Always talking, running, busying himself with something. 
Nap/bed time is truly the only time he slows down unless he's under the weather--but other than that, he is go go going. 

Most everything is ready for little Lady so until the big arrival we are trying to relish in these final days of being a family of three.
We send nothing but love and all things good.


for now...

Ain't no shame drinking a little bit of Vernors in the tub.
Especially after your Mom gave you a pretty horrendous hair cut...

Things are in warped speed over here which has been leaving the blog totally neglected. I have so much to write, update, show you--like my giant belly, and the nursery (which isn't done, so I can't show you just yet), but it's hot out and I have heartburn to my eyes and I just need to sit in a giant massaging Lazy-Boy for the next 3 weeks give or take...

Will properly fill you in when I find some decent energy, deal? 



Hux + Fred

Last week we had my ridiculously adorable + extremely well behaved nieces over for "Camp Aunt Hillary". We set up our tent, got pints of Ben and Jerry's and watched The Princess Bride. 

I kind of lost my stuff laughing at the similarities between Fred Savage and Matt and by default Huxley because he is Matt's mini-me. 

Oh, and he also looks exactly like Travis known for his role in Little Rascals or the Welches Grape Juice commercial...

Huxley may just have a future in Hollywood--he knows he is funny, and loves making people laugh with his antics and impressions (especially Donald Duck). Since he's obsessed with the older cartoons he has a lot of 50's sayings. It's great. Our kid says "Oh, Phooey." Who says that anymore?

I love my big brownie eyed boy.
More boasting + bragging to come, of course...but until then, I have to go get ready for Baby Sister...T-Minus 3 weeks...what!?



Happy Papa's Day!

Here's to all you Papa's & Grandpapa's + GREAT Grandpapa's out there today!

Huxley is blessed with some pretty amazing men in his life who simply love + adore him---not to mention keep him in line and show him the qualities of a real stand up guy. 

We love you Daddy, Grandpop & Pop Pop!



What's In Our Hospital Bag

It's getting to be crunch time
Matt commented last night that even though we already have Huxley it doesn't mean we are all that more prepared for birth this time around. It has been over two years since I pushed him out, and who is to say that this time will be like the last? Besides, we can't just roll up to the hospital whenever little Miss decides to debut--we now have Hux in the picture, and must plan things even more detailed than before.

Here's what is going into our hospital bag---which is more like four Army regulation duffel bags...

Active Labor Gown, Comfy PJs, slippers, travel toiletries, phone + charger, camera + charger, make-up and face products (I will be packing my Seabuckwonders Natural Skincare Program), water bottle, birthing ball, sweet almond oil, lavender room spray, Aveda Blue Oil, chapstick, Bamboo Belly Bandit
(not pictured): Nursing cami + bra, reusable nursing pads


Tee + lounge pants, toothbrush, phone + charger, VIA instant coffee, change and cash for vending/cafeteria
Take-home outfit, hat, blanket, carseat, pacifier

Snacks and drinks, bag with toys, books, crayons
Blanket + pillows from home, Boppy (for nursing), favorite snacks + drinks

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Thank you for all of your suggestions!! Definitely added a few to the list!

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29 months.

This boy.
He is an absolute dream child.
For the most part, I mean, he is two, and he is a boy, and he does have crazy limitless energy that can have me drained by noon, but then he does something sweet or cute or funny and it makes all those little frustrating moments totally and completely worth it.

Take for instance the other day, he pull my shirt up while I was sitting on the couch and knelt on the floor at my belly and talked to "Baby Sister" for about 5 minutes saying "Hello", kissing the belly, showing her his snuggle Bunny, and then saying "Bye Baby Sister, see you later!".

I mean, he slays me with his sweetness.
And those eyes? Yeah, he pretty much gets away with murder--except he hasn't a mean bone in his body...Hux stepped on an ant the other day then was pretty sad about it saying how he "broke it".

Potty training has been going really well, having really good progress, but not pushing it. Finally recognizing when he has to go is a huge step, and then actually making it to the toilet before going...high fives all around.

Apologies for the quietness on the blog lately, I have been a terrible photo taker, and could give you a million excuses, but really, I am just enjoying the last 5 weeks of Mommy + Hux time--even if it gets a little much, there's always the weekend, and Daddy is a Saint whom I love and adore and cherish, etc etc etc. He lets me have time to wash my hair & for that I am eternally grateful.