it's in the air....

Every Monday when we go to our local library for story time we see new little spring flowers popping up everywhere...
& it reminds me that spring is just around the corner.

My closet needs some MAJOR help in the organization department.
I've set a goal to eliminate items I never wear & pair down to just some very pretty & functional essentials.

Here's a little inspiration to for your spring wardrobe..
Untitled #8


the joys of having a boy...

I didn't know what to expect having a boy.
To be honest, I never really cared much for them (mainly when they are around the age of 6).
But since becoming a Mama to a curious, adventurous, virtually fearless little man, my heart has changed dimensions in so many ways.

Every day there is something new & dangerous we are catching Huxley do...

Example 1: This photo seems harmless, right? Cute kid, hanging out on the bench...but this photo was taken after he'd streaked through the Play Area (which is really tricky to limbo under or run around)
& proceeded to climb onto the bench in attempts of escaping the fenced in area...yea..that's my kid.
Example 2: Caught weapon-handed...this is when Hux decided he wanted to add his $0.02 on the blog & typed his first entry.
Example 3: Stuck inbetween the chair & table.
Example Four: Holy crap, right? What is on the market to baby proof for this child? Weighted diapers? This is Huxley's new favorite nook. Scares the eggs right back into my ovaries.

& there you have it...the proof is in the pictures...

and we wouldn't take it any other way.

Sorry if I made any of you new Mama's nervous! It's totally worth it, I promise!



living in the sweet little moments.

It's those little moments with Huxley...those quiet/sweet/complete moments that slip into our busy days. Those unscrapbookable scents, stolen kisses, heart-exploding smiles, belly-laughs & unexpected snuggles.
Those moments fulfill every inch of my being.

I wish I could keep them.
I wish I could remember them perfectly until the day that I leave this earth.
I want ever so desperately to catalog all of these things.
To hang photographs of them on the inside of my brain.
Stain my fibers with the smell of his head.
Record every single sound that he makes to I can press "replay" over & over again.

I've given up trying to force the issue of getting Huxley to sleep in his crib. Eventually I'll sleep again, and sadly sooner or later he's not going to want to snuggle Mama all night. I've also decided to let Hux wean himself from the Milk Trucks...yes, at 13 months he's still nursing 10+ times a day.

Basically, I'm enjoying every single second of this tiny amazing creature.

& now...Hux's first Blog entry...


\/[iui88p[n ???????

(seems he has some questions for you guys! in the world did he work the shift key already?!)


the Fox in the Box.

A box arrived at our doorstep.
Huxley was quite curious about this box.
It had a fluffy red tail with a white tip sticking out & it jingled when he shook it!
As soon the box was opened to reveal a little Fox friend, Huxley pulled him out with a very big smile and gave him a squeeze.

Our friends at were so nice to send Hux Mr. Fox to play with--they wrestle and play together all the time. has SO many cuddly cute gifts--perfect for Baby Showers, Birthdays, Easter Baskets or to scratch that retail therapy itch!

Check out our current GIVEAWAY to win a few goodies from & more!

(Huxley likes to bite his nose, poor Mr. Fox.)



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Clipix to the rescue!

Okay Mamas, we all need a little help in the organization department--especially with Spring Cleaning in the I right?

Clipix is here to rescue us from all of our tedious hours searching the web for new recipes, activity & craft ideas, DIYs, clothing, birthday party name it and clipix saves it with a simple "Clip" of the button!

With Easter just around the corner I used clipix to organize all of the ideas I've found throughout the web.

I created a custom board and "Clipped" ideas for our Easter morning breakfast (Puffed Pancakes & Mimosas), Hux's outfit, Easter Decor & yummy desserts!

I know it's far away but I plan on using clipix to organize and keep track of Christmas gift ideas for the family--hey, it is never too early to get organized (especially when you have a January baby--the holidays just add to the stress of planning for Hux's birthday).

It was so easy to sign up (no invites or wait lists), add the "Clip" button & start building my boards. They even have an iPhone App for all of you on-the-go-Mamas that lets you "Clip" photos of things you see! Check out their Youtube Video to find out even more about clipix!

Go & sign up for clipix today and leave me a comment telling me what you are going to use clipix for--I can't wait to see what creative ideas you come up with!

"Disclosure Policy"

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Chuck Berry fan like his Mama...

Life with Hux has gone from zero to full blown toddler this week.

He has become this running, talking, strongly opinionated & adorably affectionate little man.

On Monday the words just started flying out of his mouth! At BabyGap he started singing along with Chuck Berry saying, "Go! Go!" to "Go, Johnny, Go". When we called Daddy at work he said, "Hello!" when I handed him the phone! Hux moved on from the "L's" & started working at his "C's" saying, "Coo-cookulu-Coo"...don't ask me to translate that one!

The list kind of goes on & on with all of his milestones...we're just in this constant state of amazement.

Parenting is the greatest...really.

Here are a few snapshots of Hux recently...random, but sweet nonetheless.

[such a little man...]



Fillin' Up Your Easter Basket Giveaway!!


Easter is just around the corner...Pinterest is blowing up & Mama's are scrambling to find fun things to put in their little one's I right?

Well friends, let me help you out with that last part--I have a bunch of really fun stuff that some really cool companies & shops want to GIVE TO YOU!!

First there is this incredibly sweet lamby hat which is handmade out of Alpaca Wool by the lovely & talented Barb or Sweet Bauer Knits. This would be perfect for a little Easter photo shoot, to wear to church or Easter Egg Hunting! Can't you picture it now?
Note: Sweet chubby baby not included in the Giveaway.

Second is the incredible Gro Egg by The Gro Company. This thing is magical...we have one in Hux's nursery. Room temperature is vital in creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby and should be maintained at 61-67F to help reduce the risk of SIDS. The Gro Egg acts as a visual reminder for you to take action to cool or heat the room, or to adjust the baby's bedding or clothing by glowing different colors based on the temp.

Thirdly we have these sweet Pink (sorry boys) gift from these are perfect for your little ladies Easter Basket (or even for a Baby Shower gift!), and those socks? TOO CUTE.

Next up is a $50 credit to Urban Walls. We don't have any decals up in our little place, but if we did they would certainly be from this sweet Etsy shop! They have so many fun decals to choose from! My favorite is this cavity-maker Owl decal...again, I'm going girl themed, and no--we aren't expecting again! But I do on occasion dream of a tu-tu twirlin' princess for Hux to give bugs to..

Lastly we have some wooden goodies from Ah!Natural Baby. Based out of Portland, Oregon, this company has your babies health & best interest in mind with their amazing naturally made products. Perfect for those chubby hands to pick up & gnaw on!

Many Ways to Enter!

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paper bag owl company

I don't know about you but I personally feel like Winter held out on us this year.
I had dreams of bundling Hux in the warmest snuggliest woolen things & letting him explore a snowy Wonderland.

That happened, oh...once.

Thankfully these sweet little pants from paper bag owl company will be big enough to fit Huxley next Winter. We did try them on & oh how dreamy they are!! I mean, look at the Owl butt! I swoon.

Lisa--an expert on cold, lives in Alaska & makes all these pieces by hand out of upcycled wool, cotton, velveteen, corduroy or anything else she gets feels proper for these one of a kind creations.

Stop on over to her sweet little Etsy Shop & pick out a pair for your little love today!



what's in a name?

A few months after Hux was born, all three of us were perusing the local Barnes & Noble when I came upon a Book of Names. I thought it'd be fun to see what it had to say about our little guy's title...

Huxley: A passionate soul. Attractive and charming. Artistic, sensual, perceptive. Strong verbal skills. A free spirit, very adaptable. Dislikes limitations.

Otis: Artistic, creative. Dynamic, busy lifestyle. Blessed in some ways. Charming & devoted.

I was floored by how absolutely fitting (already!) his name had been & still is today.



My (not so) little Valentine.

A year ago today I was celebrating Huxley's 1 month birthday & first Valentine's Day.
I didn't get a better photo since he had his 1 month shots and was not such a happy camper, but I think it's still the sweetest.

We spent today on a play date & running a few errands. Huxley was a trooper through all of it, and is just the best to be around. He is currently watching Bob the Builder & breaking apart his Sunflower Seed Butter sandwich & dropping it on the floor.

I love him.

We send nothing but love & good things.


PS: The Winner of the Donna Wilson Mini Blanket chosen via was

Mariah Lennon
(cool name...any relation?)

Check your email & Happy Valentine's Day!!


everyday Hux.

Our days pretty much go like this lately:

7:30-8am: Wake up next to a happy snuggly Hux.
(after some milk truck time I send him out to wake up Daddy who is usually asleep on the recliner since Hux kicks him out of the bed.)
8:30am: Music, juice & breakie time.
9:15am: We are either off to a play date/story time/errands or playing around the house.
11:00am: Hux naps & Mama cleans, preps lunch, etc etc.
12:30-1pm: Hux lunches.
2pm: Play time (if it's nice out we hit up our local park).
3:30pm: Hux naps & sometimes Mama does too (especially if I have to work that night).
5:30pm: Daddy's home & Mama is off to work (a few nights of the week).
6:oopm: Hux gets dinner.
7:00pm: Bath or sponge bath + Calendula Oil, Lotion + Jammies.
7:30pm: Story & Snuggle time.
8pm: Hux sleeps & we reset the house for another day.

Here are a few random photos of our daily life...


Vitacost Addiction

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Wildman Hux.

Awhile back Huxley got this severely adorable outfit in the mail c/o Kate at The Radical Thread Co. Although it is still a tad too big for him I have dreams of Hux asking me to read Where the Wild Things Are while wearing his Max getup.

In these dreams Huxley also refuses to take it off & even bathes in it.

It's sort of ridiculous how I have mapped out the life of this costume.

Kate is an absolute gem, and is so darn crafty. She makes several variations of this Max costume-- all of which really could be worn all the time. It's snuggly, easy to put on, and easy to care for and by the way...insanely adorable!

This is a perfect baby shower/Valentine's/Easter/Birthday/Halloween/Christmas/Just Because present, and it will be a treasure to hand down from generation to generation.

Go to The Radical Thread Co. & indulge your little wild person.

Thank you for all of your votes--you can continue to support Hux by voting daily.
Just click here & then the owl on the left!


Kicky Pants!

Matt is always making comments about how soft & snuggly Huxley's clothes are & when Hux got an awesome hoodie from Kicky Pants, Daddy was even more envious! This adorable Giraffe hoodie is probably the cuddliest thing that I've ever felt!

Kicky Pants is another awesome Mama ran company that was born to fill a gap in the baby clothing market. There are so many sweet designs--my favorites include anything with animal ears on them!
(because fun is it making your baby look like a cuddly critter?!)

Want to know why Kicky Pants has such super soft fabrics? They use bamboo!! We love bamboo for it's sustainability & Eco-friendliness! Another cool fact--it's naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal & antistatic!

Perfect for any season & your wallet, Kicky Pants has so many designs to choose from that will fit your style...head over today and stock up on some sweet duds for your little one!


PS: will post photos of Hux rocking his Hoodie as soon as I locate the camera charger that I believe he has hidden (along with the TV remote, and lever to the recliner).


one day...

I'm not one to wish away these precious days of littleness with Huxley--truthfully, I stop myself every time I start to say, "I can't wait until...".

But, seriously, I am pretty stoked for when I can introduce Hux to all the sports that Mama really loves. I do have tons of anxiety over the day when he will go out with friends to scale a mountain, or paddle a class 5+ river. That's why I will install my parent's rule:

Don't tell me how dangerous it's going to be; just call me when you get home.

[little skis, climbing harness & shoes, Jackson whitewater kayak]