the joys of having a boy...

I didn't know what to expect having a boy.
To be honest, I never really cared much for them (mainly when they are around the age of 6).
But since becoming a Mama to a curious, adventurous, virtually fearless little man, my heart has changed dimensions in so many ways.

Every day there is something new & dangerous we are catching Huxley do...

Example 1: This photo seems harmless, right? Cute kid, hanging out on the bench...but this photo was taken after he'd streaked through the Play Area (which is really tricky to limbo under or run around)
& proceeded to climb onto the bench in attempts of escaping the fenced in area...yea..that's my kid.
Example 2: Caught weapon-handed...this is when Hux decided he wanted to add his $0.02 on the blog & typed his first entry.
Example 3: Stuck inbetween the chair & table.
Example Four: Holy crap, right? What is on the market to baby proof for this child? Weighted diapers? This is Huxley's new favorite nook. Scares the eggs right back into my ovaries.

& there you have it...the proof is in the pictures...

and we wouldn't take it any other way.

Sorry if I made any of you new Mama's nervous! It's totally worth it, I promise!


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