living in the sweet little moments.

It's those little moments with Huxley...those quiet/sweet/complete moments that slip into our busy days. Those unscrapbookable scents, stolen kisses, heart-exploding smiles, belly-laughs & unexpected snuggles.
Those moments fulfill every inch of my being.

I wish I could keep them.
I wish I could remember them perfectly until the day that I leave this earth.
I want ever so desperately to catalog all of these things.
To hang photographs of them on the inside of my brain.
Stain my fibers with the smell of his head.
Record every single sound that he makes to I can press "replay" over & over again.

I've given up trying to force the issue of getting Huxley to sleep in his crib. Eventually I'll sleep again, and sadly sooner or later he's not going to want to snuggle Mama all night. I've also decided to let Hux wean himself from the Milk Trucks...yes, at 13 months he's still nursing 10+ times a day.

Basically, I'm enjoying every single second of this tiny amazing creature.

& now...Hux's first Blog entry...


\/[iui88p[n ???????

(seems he has some questions for you guys! in the world did he work the shift key already?!)


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