I'm a believer. Sodastream Review

The kind folks at Sodastream sent us the works.
They were so generous & sent us our own Sodastream and pretty much all of the tasty flavors they have to offer. 

I'll be honest, it took me awhile to take the thing out of the box. All I was thinking was.."Another thing taking up room in the kitchen.." waa waa waa...woe is me, blah blah blah.

Well, all that changed when I had a craving for some sparkling water. 
We were all out of our canned 356 Club soda, and I wasn't about to make the trip to the store---
& so, out came the Sodastream.

It took me not even 5 minutes to have it up & carbonating.
Super easy--after installing the CO2 cartridge you simply fill one of the special BPA-Free carbonating bottles — you must use the special bottles for safety reasons — with filtered water and screw the bottle into the unit. Make sure that it is on properly or you'll have a mess. You then just press down on a button until you hear a "Buzz". You can also add more/less carbonation depending on your preference...we like ours extra fizzy! Once the fizz is in there, you remove the bottle from the unit and add the flavoring. Again, you can add more or less depending on your tastes.

 [add some lemonade & raspberries to your sparkling water & sip away!]

I like that their flavorings do not contain high-fructose corn syrups or any other nasty ingredient, however I keep it simple & just add unsweetened cranberry juice or lemon. Matt on the other hand...LOVES the flavorings, especially the "Energy Drink" one...the guy could live off that stuff.
We also have been getting creative making our own simple syrups with ginger & maple syrup...quick and delicious...and great for upset tummies.

I'm so thankful that I don't have to lug home cans or bottles of soda anymore...nor will they take up space in our recycling bin. The Sodastream doesn't take up much room, doesn't use electricity or batteries and is pretty flippin' fun to use!

The only downside is the CO2 cartridge needs to be replaced every 6-8weeks or 3-4months depending on which unit you have and how much fizz you like. Sodastream makes it really easy on you though & has an exchange/refill option set up on their website. Refills will run you anywhere from $29.99-$99.99...but again, totally worth it--you'd be spending that on soda anyways, right?!
I drank the carbonated Kool-Aid & man was is delicious.
I'm a believer in the Sodastream & you should be one too!



Huxley's Fort Renovation

Our "Hux-Proofing" is basically removal of anything that seems unsafe...
& it has left us with a pretty bare place---including this cupboard which Hux has claimed...

Huxley wanted to give you a tour of his fort before & after we redecorated.


our sneaky little Squirrel.

If you've lost something in our house you should first look:
  • In the trash 
  • In the bathtub
  • In Huxley's play area
  • Off the deck
I recently caught Hux sneaking things into the trash. He slides the lid open & quietly drops it in never to be seen again. Lord knows what we've accidentally tossed because of this!
He also loves to throw things into the bathtub. This at least keeps him occupied while I get ready in the morning, but it's a little less cute when I have to pull out a soggy book or slipper.
I've also watched him drop things such as our shoes into his baby-jail/play's like he is collecting them for something, like a little squirrel. 

& finally...while playing on the deck together I watched him joyfully toss things through the gaps in the railing---toys, sticks, recycling's totally fun for him to watch something bounce off the roof and hit the ground with a SPLAT.

In order to curb these tendencies we got Huxley a Water-Play table, which instantly doubled as his new baby pool. Hey, whatever keeps him from pillaging and plundering, right?



Goat-Milk NYC...cutest skivvies in the world!

If you've ever thought that your child just couldn't possible be any cuter you should put them in a pair of Goat-Milk's striped boxers...

I could not even stand how grown up Hux looked in these organic, super-soft, European-inspired basics.

The story behind Goat-Milk is a must read--I always love hearing about inspired Mamas that take matters into their own hands & create beautiful, earth-friendly products for our precious little ones.

I'm so grateful for stumbling upon Tania & Roland's project &  plan on dressing Hux in Goat-Milk until he's too big for their pieces. 

And those boxers? Totally make me look forward to getting through potty-training.

Go & scope Goat-Milk here.
Like Goat-Milk on Facebook here!


a letter from Hux.

n nuu.u9iii9.........9i.9,

,.f.f b , b flgkdi / .,o[ ,≤f √ ggggdggdgg e



Reality Check.

What happened?!
It seems like Hux has gone from zero to FULL FORCE TODDLER MONSTER.

Now, I am not green in the baby/toddler/kid department.
I've babysat, was a Nanny in Nashville & Breckenridge, have two nieces, and a nephew two months younger than Huxley---I pretty much have Second-Child syndrome with Hux too, but holy wow are little boys different that little girls.

It's like I need an IV-Drip of caffeine to keep up with his stamina, because from the moment he wakes with, "Doodle-doooo...hiiiii!", right in my face, it is GO time.

Currently we are revamping our "Baby-Proofing".
We should write the book on it, because for us it's not "Baby" but "Hux" proofing, which is basically removing any and all objects from our home that pose potential harm.
(eg. we just cleared & took out our metal shelving unit that was in the kitchen--it was practically empty anyway as we slowly took things from his reach.)

It's hard, I won't lie...the constant threat of danger with this kid, 'cause Lord knows what he will try and attempt next. There is no such thing as down-time anymore...oh, how I miss those sweet days of his unmobile cuddling- but still, this stage is exciting/challenging and fun & I wouldn't trade it for anything in the whole wide world.

Especially with moments like these...


Mini-Mioche Spring/Summer Goodness

We are huge fans of the Canadian based, Mama-founded clothing line Mini-Mioche.

Hux has worn his skinny-jeans until they started to look more like capris, and his cardigan & circle scarf have gotten sooo many compliments (so have the jeans!).

The fabrics have held up flawlessly through hundreds of washes, stains, and our rough & tumble Hux.

I was so excited to see the new pieces for the season---this little ditty being my favorite ensemble:

[Breezy Tank & Beloved Bloomie Short]

Go & check out Mini-Mioches new lovelies HERE!



water baby.

Legitimate summer is just around the corner & it's been hot.
We like to play on our deck when the weather is nice--and it has been super nice as of late.

Unfortunately, our baby pool we had last year bit the dust & it seems like no one is carrying simple plastic pools...but Hux doesn't care. He's an equal opportunity water lover & will play in any source of water.

I caught him trying to stand and then sit in a little Pyrex dish I had filled with water, and spoons...I snapped a photo just after he sat little ham.

Hux has been such a good photo taker--always 'cheesing' for the camera.
I really need to get all of us scheduled for a little family photoshoot..
(or convince my friend Carie to come down from NYC for a weekend! wink wink nudge nudge, Carie).



Baby Hugo Naturals Giveaway

I work part-time at Whole Foods Market & it's pretty much the greatest job I've had to date.
Besides being the perfect fit our schedule (we typically do not have anyone else watch Hux..we're kind of selfish that way), I've met so many awesome Mama's to talk "shop" with, and have found the best products for baby.

When Hugo Naturals came out with a baby care line I was sooooo excited to try them all, since their products are amazing (Vegan, Soy/Gluten/Cruelty-Free, 100% Natural ingredients--never any of those terrible things like sulfates/parabens/synthetic fragrances), I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.

Baby Hugo Naturals was so generous & sent Hux their new line.
He was very happy to jump in the tub and give them a whirl...

One of the most anticipated products was their Baby Oil with Borage Oil. This plant-derived oil is a natural source of gamma-linolenic acid, which helps in relief of atopic eczema symptoms.

As you may remember, Hux has struggled with eczema since he was little (see other post here), and I am constantly banging my head against a wall trying to figure out the cause & alleviate his poor irritated skin. Hugo's Baby Oil is just amazing. I can tell that the moment I put it on, Huxley feels soothed...and it smells delicious.

Another favorite from their line is the Oh-So-Soft Lotion. It is creamy-dreamy, and has a faint smell of vanilla frosting...totally doesn't help my urge to gobble up all of Hux's cuteness!

Hugo Naturals was so awesome & wanted to give one of you fabulous readers the opportunity to win the entire Baby Hugo line (Shampoo & Baby Wash, Foaming Milk Bath, Handcrafted Soap, Oh-So-Soft Lotion, Baby Oil, Baby Mist, Baby Powder & Diaper Cream...over $50 value!).

Love love love this stuff & am so stoked we got the chance to share with you!

Many Ways to Enter!

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Good luck!


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Easter Shenanigans...

Huxley's second Easter was a total flip-side to his first.
No traumatizing Easter Bunny photo,
& utter enjoyment of his hidden Easter Basket.

We spent the morning just ambushed in love for our son and The Son.

I pre-made a delish and EASY Strata for breakie with mimosas...because I feel like all holiday mornings deserve mimosas..

(I will post a little ditty on the Strata recipe tomorrow)

Until is our little Easter basketful of glory & goodness...


Mama + Baby Style...Elmo Edition

Hux is simply obsessed with Elmo.

"Elbow. Elbow. Elbow!!!" Huxley pleads when he sees our laptop or iPad out.
We typically oblige since it really is the only downtime we can get with him.
He is so contented to eat his snack & giggle away at the silly Mr. Noodle.

If Hux is fussing all I have to do is start singing the "Elmo Song", and he instantly starts smiling and laughing.

What is it about that little red creature?!

I recently bought a really cute ensemble from that looks a lot like this one below...I didn't realize until I saw all the pieces in my cart that they were matching, but they're all super cute, and we are both in love with our new duds.

(Hux would wear his Elmo shirt daily if he could keep it clean.)

Untitled #14


is it too early to start a "Chore List"?

Okay now...disregard our horribly messy kitchen & focus on the insane cuteness that is going on in the center of this photo...

I mean..this kid just slays me daily.

Hux lovessss to play in the sink "washing dishes". The party hat was for me...not like his adorableness factor needed any boosting, but then I went to take the photo & said, "Hux..cheese!" and this was his pose...



Hux---future Rockstar.

PS: I have this Musician friend who is raising funds for his next will feature Hux on drums.
Help Chris Milam out by pledging here!


sorry no puppies now...ever.

So I feel I should explain for my complete & utter disregard for our humble blog...
After the folks left Hux & I came down with a terrible sinus bug (we still are snot-faced and miserable) and blogging just wasn't on my agenda.

When Huxley is sick he is verrrry much like velcro.
It gets a bit wearing at times, but mostly I love it since all I wanted to do was cuddle and nap anyways.

I decided it was time to get out and do something yesterday since Hux had a case of cabin fever (Mama too) so we went to the local pet store...ummm, ghetto & scary!!! Huxley was totally entranced by all of the fish. I was hoping there would be some puppies to play with since Huxley has been saying "Doggy...woof woof" alot lately, but the store had a sign that read "sorry no puppies now" but "now" was crossed out & underneath was written "EVER".


Afterwards we scooped up Daddy for a little lunch date at the park, and I let Matt chase Hux around the place while I shot a few photos.

We send love & all good things your way.

Here are a few photos from yesterday...


PS: The winner from the BuggyLOVE Giveaway has been chosen & announced here.