our sneaky little Squirrel.

If you've lost something in our house you should first look:
  • In the trash 
  • In the bathtub
  • In Huxley's play area
  • Off the deck
I recently caught Hux sneaking things into the trash. He slides the lid open & quietly drops it in never to be seen again. Lord knows what we've accidentally tossed because of this!
He also loves to throw things into the bathtub. This at least keeps him occupied while I get ready in the morning, but it's a little less cute when I have to pull out a soggy book or slipper.
I've also watched him drop things such as our shoes into his baby-jail/play's like he is collecting them for something, like a little squirrel. 

& finally...while playing on the deck together I watched him joyfully toss things through the gaps in the railing---toys, sticks, recycling's totally fun for him to watch something bounce off the roof and hit the ground with a SPLAT.

In order to curb these tendencies we got Huxley a Water-Play table, which instantly doubled as his new baby pool. Hey, whatever keeps him from pillaging and plundering, right?


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