snow day

 It is a glorious white out here in the Philadelphia area.
Mama had a snow day from work (more like Mama had a horrific drive trying to get to work and had to be rescued a half mile up the road). 

We pulled out the toboggan and played until Hux's mittens were covered in little snowballs and he was obviously chilled to the bone. Despite his protests we managed to get him back indoors where he is now soaking in a bubble bath & thawing out while Daddy plays DJ on the shower radio.

I made a deliciously perfect pot of hot & sour soup to eat on today. It's the best way to warm up your insides, and is so darn easy to whip up! I used this recipe as a guideline. 

We hope you are all staying warm & safe on this wonderful winter weekend. 



Baabaazuzu Fingerless Glove Giveaway!

This final holiday giveaway is brought to you by BaabaaZuzu--a wonderfully fabulous Northern Michigan based company that I hold near & dear to my heart.

All of their cozy products are lovingly handcrafted & made with up-cycled wool. Perfect for this cold weather we're having in Philadelphia--every piece makes me long for a chilly winter afternoon stroll.

Baabaazuzu has so kindly offered up a gorgeous pair of fingerless gloves for one of you lucky readers--think of it as a New Year gift to yourself!

To enter, stop by Baabaazuzu's site & comment on which color scheme you'd pick for your fingerless gloves.

Then jump on Facebook &
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PS: Liz Lovely & Tea Collection Giveaway Winners announced HERE & HERE!

& the winner of the Baabaazuzu Giveaway is..

Marti D said...
I would choose the black red & grays
Congrats! Shoot me an email at lifewiththeux at to claim your prize!!


Christmas 2012

Merry merry Christmas!

Since both of my men are taking some pretty hefty Christmas naps I thought I'd jump on my computer to wish all of you our there a very happy holiday.

Huxley's second Christmas has been absolutely perfect--he woke around 6:50am and was just delighted by everything he saw laying before him. It was a really mellow morning as we leisurely opened our pretty packages---next year I think it will be different scene as Hux learns to rip the paper and tear ribbons off at a much faster pace as he was already getting a bit 'present slap happy'. 

Either way, the joy and excitement that lit up his face could fuel me for years. 

To make the morning as easy as I could possibly make it I had whipped up a yummmmmy Strata yesterday afternoon, and also had fresh cut up citrus fruits so I wouldn't have to do ANYTHING but bake the Strata for breakfast. Our little Christmas breakfast tradition, if you will. 

Matt stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG putting together Huxley's play kitchen. 
That amazing.

I am so very blessed.

To have a warm home, food, love, and family both near & far.

Yes, this is Christmas, and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

From our home to yours we wish you all good things.

 [our tree after Santa arrived.]
 [Hux loves his new 'gasses' & Ernie book.]
[Christmas jammies!]

Born that man no more may die
Born to raise the sons of earth
Born to give us second birth

Jesus, our Emmanuel



A Holiday Outfit Guide for the Littles

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We love love lovvvve Tea Collection

Ever since this blog was as fresh & new as little baby Huxley we've been working with Tea. They are just awesome all around, from the folks behind the scenes to the clothes they ship in pretty packages to your front door.

I honestly get a little giddy before each new season rolls out---speaking of which, their Spring Collection will be launching soon, eee!

With each new launch I swoon and say to myself, "Self, this is my favorite set yet.", and then they go and top it the following season. 

With that being said, Tea Collections Winter Collection--which is actually FOUR different sets of Scandinavian influenced pieces that are so ridiculously perfect it hurts---it is my hands-down favorite yet. 

I love that Patagonia was included in the mix, since I go weak in the knees for a good quality puffy coat or knit hat & they go effortlessly with every single outfit on the roster.

& just because it's the season of giving, Tea Collection is giving one of you lucky folks a $100 credit to shop their tasty holiday ensembles!

To enter simply visit Tea Collection & leave a comment below telling me what you'd buy if you won!

Other ways to enter...

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*Giveaway will end on December 26th, all giveaway winners selected via this giveaway is for US entries only*


& the winner is...

 M & three darlings said...
The Patagonia jacket is ROCKIN.
             Congratulations!! Shoot me an email at lifewiththehux at and let's get you hooked up with some Tea Collection goodies! xo


a little story for your listening pleasure...

Currently: Sitting in my car poaching WiFi from Barnes & Noble with a sweet napping child in the back. So this will be brief. Because it's Iced Soy Chai Latte time.

We have extended the Liz Lovely Giveaway & will be throwing a new super fabulous and hint-hint made in Michigan giveaway (hopefully that will be up by tomorrow so check back!).

Until then, Huxley wanted to read you a little story about his friends...



decking the halls + toddlers...

 More like wrecking the halls.

Sometimes I wonder why we do this to ourselves---last year Hux was going on one, & was a full fledge walking, climbing, demolishing machine. Our decorations didn't stand a chance!

The bottom half of our tree was bare & this year...well, it looks basically the same.

There's been broken ornaments (including his Baby's First Christmas...sigh.) ornaments taken apart and then stuck onto fingers--literally stuck, too. We've stuck to having just a couple plastic, felt, and cloth ornaments, and have kept the family heirlooms on the verrrrry tippy top.

Hux is also keen to candy canes this year. Last year he had no clue what "candy" was, and for the most part he just thinks candy is the chewable papaya enzymes we give him, but he knows those pretty red + white striped canes will prove to be something tasty if he could just eat through that darn wrapper...

But his cuteness covers a multitude of sins, I tell you.
He just melts us.

[Hux's outfit c/o Tea Collection]


footnote: Today Matt came home for awhile to be with Hux and I...we hugged, and thanked God for our little family, and for today--because tomorrow is never promised. We hurt & pray for all the parents whose babies were taken too soon today in CT... may they find healing and comfort in the one they call Prince of Peace.


Christmas Gift Guide for the Mama

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I'm a fan of snuggly, comfy, practical, useful & pretty things. 
Oh, and bling.
Well--not so much bling, but that maybe someday [& soon] to death do us part, forever and ever day.

No pressure Matt.



it's back...the dreaded eczema.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of NEOSPORIN® ESSENTIALS™ for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

We had a pretty good break from the red itchies but as soon as the temperature went south, along with the humidity, poor little Hux's skin took a turn for the worse.

It first started when we were in Michigan in November--much cooler temps, and a really dry woodstove-heated house took it's toll on Huxley. He also was stealing bites of his Grandma's morning yogurts, which I suspect played a big role in the massive breakout too...darn dairy! We keep hoping he will phase out of it, but the reality is that he just can't tolerate it. 

Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that affects 35 million Americans. With Hux, his eczema starts on his stomach and back. It's appears as a slightly raised skin-toned circular small patch that is everywhere. Putting lotion on him feels like greasing a piece of sandpaper. It's awful. 

Lately though, his eczema has been popping up in the creases of his elbows and knees. Some irritants or triggers can be rough fabrics, such as wool, soaps & fragrances, cold and dry weather, and ironically, heat and sweating too. 

We have come up with a barrage of counter-attacks for when eczema strikes.

A humidifier in our room

Keeping our place at a comfortable temperature (around 67)

Omitting dairy from our diet

Infrequent baths (just sponging Hux down with a washcloth on non-bathnight)

Slathering Hux with skin protectants such as NEOSPORIN® ESSENTIALS™ & Coconut Oil


NEOSPORIN® ESSENTIALS™ is an awesome new solution we've found for eczema. I love that it contains colloidal oatmeal, which is what we use in the bathtub when Huxley does get bathed. This cream is anibiotic and fragrance free, which is another plus in our books.

We are determined to get the red itchies out of the picture for good, but until then, we have our ammuntion ready...



Visit Sponsor's Site


Liz Lovely Cookies Giveaway!

It's cookie season, and I for one couldn't be happier. 
Christmas cookies are magical, and if they happen to come from Vermont & a little place called Liz Lovely, well...this is where the magic is born.

Liz Lovely bakes up fair-trade, organic, vegan, & gluten-free cookies.
Now one might see vegan or gluten-free and think "tasteless", "dry", or "gross"...but trust me, the awesome folks at Liz Lovely sent us some samples to try & they are far from any of those adjectives.

My favorite are the gluten-free Snickerdoodles in all their moist cinnamonny glory. Matt on the other hand loved the dark chocolate double dipped pretzels...seriously...they were gone overnight.

These are the perfect Christmas present for you co-workers, friends, family, Postman, newspaper boy, manicurist, honestly--whoever you give these to will be thrilled!

These giant cookies come in packs of two--perfect for sharing, & can be tossed in the freezer to keep their freshness...or enjoyed cold!

Want a chance to win $30 worth of Liz Lovely cookies?

To enter simply visit Liz Lovely's website & comment below on which cookie sounds the tastiest to you!

Other ways to enter... 

Follow life with the Hux on GFC
(Prize may not arrive by Christmas)


PS: The Flutter & Twirl Giveaway winner was chosen and announced HERE!

and the winner of the Liz Lovely giveaway is...

NlincolnD12 said...
voted for you
congrats! shoot me an email at lifewiththehux at and let's get you some cookies! xo


Happy Birthday, Honey Mama!

Huxley lovesssss his Grandma.

He will literally scream with delight when she comes on the video chat, and is her little shadow whenever we visit.

(Hux is currently glued to my computer screen pointing to the photos of them both saying, 'It's my Mama, it's my Mama!!")

We wish we could be there for her big day, but instead will have to send all our love & good vibes to her from the East Coast. 

Happy Thirty-Something'th Birthday, Mom...
we love you very very very much!



Linvilla below freezing...

What do you do with a toddler & a store below your place that has a bunch of old apples and bread?
Find some animals and feed them, of course!



mitten-free weather? I'll take it.

Hello there friends--hope this week has been treating you kind.
We've been having some pretty unseasonably great weather around these parts & have been enjoying the final moments of leaving the house without having to bundle up.
(Which is awesome for us, because Huxley hates clothes & coats and mittens and hats...unless it's a Michael Jackson-esque hat...)

Not much else going on around here to report, but we do have a really fun giveaway coming up (and one ending!) so keep checking back--there will also be more ridiculously cute photos of Hux no doubt.



things we love lately...

Green Smoothies
Kind of obsessed with these as of late.
They taste like summertime in a glass and if I go the rest of the day eating bread & cheese, well...this mean green beverage has me covered!
(not that I'd ever just eat bread and cheese for lunch and dinner...)

Here's the recipe if you wanna jump on board the Green Smoothie Train...

Handful of green grapes
half of a Satsuma orange (you can substitute any citrus really, I am just a tad crazy over Satsumas!)
1-2 stalks kale (I've been groovin' on the Dino variety)
wedge of lime (with peel)
half of a banana (best if it's frozen)
cup of pineapple chunks (I freeze these too)
large handful of spinach
splash of filtered water
you can add ice, but I like to freeze the banana & pineapple and the omit the ice
*We always use organic produce and if it's local--even better!*
Blend & enjoy!

Buying little people shoes is not high on my list of 'Things I Love to Do'.
They're pricey. 
Your babe outgrows them in a week.
Most of the boys styles out there leave something to be desired. 
It wasn't until we were so sweetly gifted a pair of Freshly Picked Moccs that my Toddler Shoe Horizon was broadened. 
Hux wears them all the time
They are soft. Comfortable. The fit perfectly but have plenty of give to grow with him & last well into Spring. 

We love love love Freshly Picked & will definitely be getting more pairs throughout the years! has been my go-to site for online shopping since the pregnancy days. 
We've found so many awesome deals--including Huxley's big Christmas present, a Kidcraft Play Kitchen (we got it for half the price that website is advertising!).

If you haven't shopped Gilt yet you are missing out!
But! Lucky you! You can get $25 for your first purchase by signing up & shopping today--pretty rad huh?

This Shoenhut Piano is on sale for $42--plus your $25 off...that is a steal, folks!

Sign up & get shopping HERE!