snow day

 It is a glorious white out here in the Philadelphia area.
Mama had a snow day from work (more like Mama had a horrific drive trying to get to work and had to be rescued a half mile up the road). 

We pulled out the toboggan and played until Hux's mittens were covered in little snowballs and he was obviously chilled to the bone. Despite his protests we managed to get him back indoors where he is now soaking in a bubble bath & thawing out while Daddy plays DJ on the shower radio.

I made a deliciously perfect pot of hot & sour soup to eat on today. It's the best way to warm up your insides, and is so darn easy to whip up! I used this recipe as a guideline. 

We hope you are all staying warm & safe on this wonderful winter weekend. 



Hailey said...

he's too cute! sounds like a great day :)

Crista Hebel said...

gorgeous photos as always!