Flying Hearts Everywhere Giveaway!!

This has to be my favorite time of the New Year.
Reds and pinks and pretty little hearts everywhere.
Love stained intentions.
Mushy gushy sentimentality.
Sweet gifts and day totally dedicated to being lovely dovey.
Although everyday should be Valentine's Day, let's face it...sometimes it's just not so.
Being parents makes it kind of tricky to be romantic and set aside time for eachother. At the end of the day being covered in boogers, spit up and God knows what else, it's not really in the cards, ya know? And I can't even tell you the last time we had a date, unless you count our time spent in the hospital with just Ellis. No, that definitely doesn't count.

So here's to you Mamas--A major Valentine's Giveaway to all of you multi-tasking beauties, managing to raise your babes, and keep your mister's eyes full of flying hearts and arrows. 

An overwhelming number of beyond fabulous Etsy & small biz Mamas have joined together with our blog to bring you the best "Handmade Valentine" in the world! Here's the round up of the insanely talented creators & their oh so lovely prizes:

 Winner's choice of TWO pairs of moccasins
Feather and Filly
A pair of Berry Red moccasins
Forrest and Fawn
 Winner's choice of one pair of booties
Riglee Mae
Winners choice of moccasins
Turtlz Turtlz
Moccasins of winner's choice
Winner's choice of moccs
Sahnda Marie Kids
Set of Valentine's booties & headband
Wren and James
A pair of the strawberry knit leggings
Ryder and Rhenn
 Winner's choice of one pair of leggings

Maisie Jayne
Winner's choice of leggings
The Sprouted Arrow
Winner's choice of one pair of leggings

Lil Peaces
 Leggings of winner's choice
LuluLuvs- $25 shop credit
Mina Loves Bows
$20 shop credit
My Little Sunshine BB
Turban of winner's choice
Juniper Wilde
Blanket of winner's choice
Little Peeps Closet
 Knit collar
Out of Alabaster
Custom silhouette portrait
Agent Hipster Fox
 A Valentine's Fox (Winner's choice of bowtie or bow)
Alexandra Rose- A teething ring of winner's choice
Knock Knock Shoppe- $20 shop credit
Olive and Birdie
Onesie of winner's choice
Hip Friday
Set of 'Good Morning Gorgeous' & 'Hello There Handsome' Pillow Covers
Little Cowboys and Indians
Bandana Bib of Winner's choice
Miss Ainsley Mae
$20 shop credit
Bub and Bug Studio
 A glitter bow of winner's choice
Southern Adoornments
$20 shop credit
Rayna Jaye
 Turban of winner's choice
Potluck Store
 $15 shop credit
Butterfly Kisses Co.
Set of 3 bandana bibs of winner's choice
The Little Design Co.
$20 shop credit
Little Kate Designs
Winner's choice of headband or bow
So Awesome Wallet Cards
 A set of Go! and Color &Shape wallet cards

How to enter this insane giveaway? Visit each shop via links to their Etsy & websites then come back and comment on one of your favorite items that you'd like to win!

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life lately.

Hux had a mega pirate party bash last weekend which we all incubated some fun sickies from--I've never seen Hux have a fever of 104.3--so so scary! And then Ellis was knocked down with a fever. We predict teeth soon, but it could just be the crud we caught.

So there's that. We've also have gotten tons and tons of snow. Literally. Snowed in kind of snow.
Ellis has also started eating like a mad woman. I've been experimenting with different purees--whipping up blended chicken noodle soup, veggies and chicken, and fresh fruits. This girl is an eating CHAMP.

Huxley has become a huge huge fan of playdoh, which he calls "So-dee-doh". 
I love him.
Except when he's stuck inside. The cabin fever makes him totally bonkers. 
Off the walls, running, screaming, hitting, stir crazy bonkers.

If we live to see spring I will be happy.

Until then,
Keep your eyes peeled for a mega epic awesome insane full of goodness giveaway that will be posted very shortly!



three years of life with the Hux.


Our magnificent little boy turned three today, and boy what an adventure it has been!
He is so caring, mischievous, creative, thoughtful, compassionate, and has as much energy as he does love. 

We can't imagine our lives with out you, Huxley Otis, and we are so thankful we get to call you our son--here's to many more beautiful birthdays, baby boy.