life lately.

Hux had a mega pirate party bash last weekend which we all incubated some fun sickies from--I've never seen Hux have a fever of 104.3--so so scary! And then Ellis was knocked down with a fever. We predict teeth soon, but it could just be the crud we caught.

So there's that. We've also have gotten tons and tons of snow. Literally. Snowed in kind of snow.
Ellis has also started eating like a mad woman. I've been experimenting with different purees--whipping up blended chicken noodle soup, veggies and chicken, and fresh fruits. This girl is an eating CHAMP.

Huxley has become a huge huge fan of playdoh, which he calls "So-dee-doh". 
I love him.
Except when he's stuck inside. The cabin fever makes him totally bonkers. 
Off the walls, running, screaming, hitting, stir crazy bonkers.

If we live to see spring I will be happy.

Until then,
Keep your eyes peeled for a mega epic awesome insane full of goodness giveaway that will be posted very shortly!


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