celebrate the earth with ThredUp and Polarn O. Pyret

I love nothing more that upcycling, recycling, and trying our hardest to be more green every single day.
Reselling your childrens (and your own!) gently used, outgrown clothes is a simple step you can take to give back to our planet while earning credit towards Polarn O. Pyret clothing--my absolute favorite!

By sending your pre-loved clothing to Polarn O. Pyret they will sell them through thredUp--which is like an online consignment shop of sorts. To receive Polarn O. Pyret credits you need to contact them directly via email at and they will send you as many free pre-paid bags you'd like---each bag will fit up to 10lbs of clothing, which is roughly equal to a laundry basket full. You can also receive free bags through the thredUp site--I don't know about you, but I'd prefer to earn credits for brand new POP clothing! You can also cash out your money--you will need a PayPal account and there's a small fee to do so but either way you are getting cash for clothes you have no more use for and someone else will be able to get some love out of them as well!

If you go here, you can sign up for thredUP. By visiting from this link, when you first buy something, you get $10 off for using that link. 
(Use the link because it gives you $10 off, which I don't think can be beat because the prices are already pretty good!)

Now you have an excellent way to get a jump start on spring cleaning and stock up on clothing for next season!

Happy Earth Day!


Huxley's 3rd Birthday (only a couple months late...)

It was such chaos and madness I didn't even think I got any shots of Huxley's Pirate Party until I was going through my camera! We had SO much snow it took Daddy over two hours to blow out the maze for the "Treasure Hunt" out back, which I thought would be fun to have a dotted red line to follow like on all treasure maps--well, it looked more like a murder scene than a map. The snow was so deep the kids were out there for 2 minutes, found their booty and ran inside. 

It was such a blast having little people there to celebrate with us--yet another reason we are so happy we made the move up north! Thankfully the snow is finally melting and spring may actually be around the corner--which is a good thing because we have an amazing Spring Feature + Giveaway coming at you next week!

love to all,