Huxley's 3rd Birthday (only a couple months late...)

It was such chaos and madness I didn't even think I got any shots of Huxley's Pirate Party until I was going through my camera! We had SO much snow it took Daddy over two hours to blow out the maze for the "Treasure Hunt" out back, which I thought would be fun to have a dotted red line to follow like on all treasure maps--well, it looked more like a murder scene than a map. The snow was so deep the kids were out there for 2 minutes, found their booty and ran inside. 

It was such a blast having little people there to celebrate with us--yet another reason we are so happy we made the move up north! Thankfully the snow is finally melting and spring may actually be around the corner--which is a good thing because we have an amazing Spring Feature + Giveaway coming at you next week!

love to all,

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Crista Hebel said...

What great memories, and cute photos- the most fun getting ready for a party I think I've ever had :) So glad Hux had a great day!! xo