Suri's Burn Book

Now I am not much for Smut Mags (think US, People Mag, etc) & Brain Rot TV, but sometimes I cave and give into being a spectator of the horror that is being a celeb.

Hot topic these days? 

The Cruise fam dam.

I feel for them, I really do, but have you noticed that in any and all photos Suri looks so entirely miserable? 

The other day at work a customer told me about this blog.

Suri's Burn Book.

Hilariousness ensued. I spent about 20 minutes reading the tongue & cheek comments made from "Suri".

I wanted to share with you a couple of my other favorite blogs...ones that I've been following religiously since becoming pregnant. I kind of consider these Mamas my friends, or at least I totally think we'd get along if we were ever to bump into each other in the Real World.

I highly suggest you go & check these out...they're all top-notch and amazing:

Sometimes I peruse others found on, but these I simply treasure. I feel like I've known their family for years and truly care about them.

What are some of your favorite blogs?

Do share.



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Mama Wins Big said...
follow on GFC


Hux Speaks.

Huxley's vocab has soared within the past week or so.
He's a sponge.
He's a myna-bird.

Since his Baby Book is buried at the bottom of a bin (alliteration anyone?) I thought I'd share with you the majority of his speaking capabilities...which I am sure I've left some out as he is always talking and learning new words.

We'll start with his favvvvve...
CookAYYyyyy = Cookie (usually followed by him shoving stuff in his mouth going "nomnomnom" like Cookie Monster)
Papa = Grandpa
PeeYewww = Grandma taught him this...he pinches his nose while saying it, so it either means nose or Grandma
Fly + Flying
Thank You
"I'm gonna get you"
Bobos = Boobs
Grover or Gro Gro
Doodle Doo
Maaaa = Mom
1..2..3 = He says this for Grandpa when he wants him to juggle & also just for counting
Aynay = Ernie
"All Done"
"What's That?"
"It's a..."

and the latest...

"It's a butt!"

Thanks to this photo: 

It's on our mantle and Hux was asking Matt, "What's that? What's that?"--so Daddy told him, "it's a butt".

& Huxley starts saying.."it's a butt!!! it's a butt!!! it's a butt!!" etc etc etc.'

Holy crap. Right? At least it's a semi-okay word.

August Sponsor Sign Up Time!

It's almost August?! What??

Seriously, having a child makings time go into warp speed. 
When your days are basically the same & different all at the same time--things just turn into one massive wonderful blur.

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& of course we still are infatuated with Mini Mioche and our bluum boxes!

Can I just tell you how perfect bluum is? I had just ruined a teether by sterilizing it a little too long and Hux is in the middle of a mega molar meltdown....well, in this month's box they sent us a new teether!!! Just like the one I ruined!

I'm geeked for the Mini Mioche Fall Collection to come out---as soon as it does you will know, trust me!

Anyways, we LOVE our Sponsors.
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Potty Talk.

Hooray-- it's almost the weekend (for you)!
Weekend's for me=work.
Which means a muuuuch needed breather from the 24/7 life of a stay at home Mama & equally needed Daddy & Huxie time.

I love that Matt gets to spend some major QT with Hux, because he doesn't get much during the week, although most mornings they spend together like this:

-Hux wakes Daddy up around 7am and demands Elmo + snack + Bottle
-They snuggle and snack until 7:45 while letting Mama sleep in a little or get ready for the day 
-8:30 Matt is out the door and isn't back until 5:30 or 6pm
-On a good night we can all have dinner together, but usually Hux is fed and bathing by the time Daddy gets home

We are planning a trip back to Michigan for Labor Day (also my Brother & I's Birthdays!)--we couldn't be any more excited for a little family adventure.

On a totally unrelated note, we are still trying to tackle potty training. We really should have opted for a plain seat for Hux, because he is sooo distracted by all of his favorite Sesame Street characters every time he sits to do his thing. 

This is what potty time looks like at our house...


PS: I extended the Lady Adorned Jewelry Giveaway another week! Got get yourself entered to win HERE!


The Sleep Paranoia.

Dear Parents,
You know this. You know it well.
Maybe you won't admit it, but you are scared s***less of your child waking in the middle of the night.

I am.
I fear it more than spiders & tornadoes...and that my friends, says a LOT.

It has to be natural. 

I mean, you don't want your child waking, because that means a myriad of things--

-they need a new diaper
-they're uncomfortable...too hot, too cold, their jammies are too tight or not the right fabric... biggest fear...

they need the boobs.

I'm 18 months deep in Milk Truck lugging, and I am so over it--but have no space in my heart to cut Hux off.

He needs the 'Bobos' as he now calls them.

& toss in some giant molars breaking through his sweet little gums and you have an egg-shell walking Mama + Papa.

I fear flushing the toilet or doing normal things because I do NOT want to stir the Huxman.
He needs his beauty rest--have you met the kid? He's a freakin' prince.

So this is my rant.
On tip-toeing.
It is not fun, and hopefully someday soon we will nip it in the bud.
We're looking into Montessori schools and I hope that Huxley will be enrolled ASAP, and then all the pieces will fall into place and he will sleep like a rock and never rip my shirt down again.

Until that time folks...keep your fingers crossed for us.


PS: I realize this sounds like I loathe nursing...that is not how I want to come off--I have loved being able to provide Hux with awesome super juice, and have had an overall amazing experience with nursing. The only thing I'd like is to be able to sleep through the night...

that's not a lot to ask...

is it?


cookies MAKE milk.

Ever since Hux started solids I kind of took the lazy Mom approach to nursing.
I stopped pumping, taking ridiculous amounts of supplements
& just basically quit worrying about how much milk I was producing.

It was a giant weight off my shoulders.
I was a wreck in the beginning—especially when our horrible ex-Pediatrician told us we had to supplement with formula because I was a failure.
Well, he didn’t exactly come out and say that but that’s what I heard.

You name it, I did it…Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, oatmeal, dark beer, Brewer’s Yeast, and enough water to turn the Sahara into a Rain Forrest.

Fast-forward to now, & Hux is still a boob man.
We nurse up to 10 times if not more per day, and let me tell you—it’s exhausting!

I couldn’t tell you where my pump is, because I am sooo over that & I cannot gulp down another herbal supplement or cup of tea.

You know what I will do to help ensure Hux is getting enough to drink?

Eat a cookie.

 Yep…milkmakers. They are these delicious awesome cookies boosted with all the good stuff your Milk Trucks need to produce that liquid gold.

Milkmakers cookies are made with organic ingredients, and have three key ingredients (oats, flax seed, brewer's yeast) to boost breast milk supply. 

(There's a lot of info about them on their website).

They have a strong community to support moms, mainly through Facebook, but also through receiving and sharing stories from real moms with other real moms. They also have a lactation consultant, Renee Beebe, who hosts a monthly live-on-Facebook breastfeeding Q + A and who writes articles about breastfeeding that we share on their blog, their website, and in their monthly newsletters.

Go get on the cookie train now & let the milk flow!



Mobile blogging.

After Huxley played milk & cookies with mama's phone I opted for one of those fancy phones everyone and their Grandma have had for years.
This is awesome. I don't even have to type anymore. I just tell my phone what to put down and it does it. Magical.
We hope you had a great weekend and we miss you all. There will be more posting and giveaways soon.
Until then here are some new photos taken from the fancy phone.
As you can see his hair has grown quite long. I don't have the heart to cut his sweet curls....that is how brobands was born--I just got my first shipment of supplies yesterday. Stay tuned for more info on the opening of my Etsy shop!


Cheatin' on Elmo

Hux has traded allegiances. Thrice.
From Elmo to Cookie to Grover.
Kid loves him some Sesame Street folk.

He also really enjoys Auntie Anne's Pretzels.

Hux is just the sweetest little squishbug. He will give hugs, & kisses. He always says "thank you" & never hesitates to share.

We really hit the cute kid jackpot.

How was your holiday?
We spent ours stuffin' grilled foods into our belly & just bein' plain ol' American---got home early & caught not one but three different firework shows right off our deck.

Pretty much perfect.

This weather is beastly. I'm not a fan. 
Wanted to apologize for lack of photos & such as I need to relocate my camera charger...
 I know. I know. I can never find it.

Until then here are some heart melting photos from our friend Kim's iPhone..

[who is this giant man child and what did he do with my baby Hux???]



Lady Adorned Jewelry Giveaway!

Ever since having Hux I'd been dreaming about a pretty little something to adorn myself with as a keepsake of sorts.

When I stumbled upon Lady Adorned Jewelry I instantly fell in love with this necklace...

It's everything I ever wanted, and at an affordable price too.

As soon as it arrived in the mail I put it on & haven't taken it off.

It's Hux proof, which says a lot---Huxley will tug at this, kick it with his feet when he's nursing, chew on it, you name it.
Another great thing is that it hasn't given me any issues with my sensitive skin. Typically I have to wear pure gold, because anything else makes me break out in a rash or turn green...but this gold filled beauty hasn't let me down yet (and I've been wearing it for months).

The lovely Malaika who is the creator of Lady Adorned Jewelry would like to give one of you the chance to win a $30 credit to her store---rockin' right? 

We're going to make this giveaway super easy for you this time...

Here are your ways to enter:

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Cake, right?

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Winner winner chicken dinner! Love your name + comment xoxo

Piffle said...
voting every day!! Love the little Hux Monster:)