Potty Talk.

Hooray-- it's almost the weekend (for you)!
Weekend's for me=work.
Which means a muuuuch needed breather from the 24/7 life of a stay at home Mama & equally needed Daddy & Huxie time.

I love that Matt gets to spend some major QT with Hux, because he doesn't get much during the week, although most mornings they spend together like this:

-Hux wakes Daddy up around 7am and demands Elmo + snack + Bottle
-They snuggle and snack until 7:45 while letting Mama sleep in a little or get ready for the day 
-8:30 Matt is out the door and isn't back until 5:30 or 6pm
-On a good night we can all have dinner together, but usually Hux is fed and bathing by the time Daddy gets home

We are planning a trip back to Michigan for Labor Day (also my Brother & I's Birthdays!)--we couldn't be any more excited for a little family adventure.

On a totally unrelated note, we are still trying to tackle potty training. We really should have opted for a plain seat for Hux, because he is sooo distracted by all of his favorite Sesame Street characters every time he sits to do his thing. 

This is what potty time looks like at our house...


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