August Sponsor Sign Up Time!

It's almost August?! What??

Seriously, having a child makings time go into warp speed. 
When your days are basically the same & different all at the same time--things just turn into one massive wonderful blur.

We have been so happy with all of our Sponsors.
They are all equally cool and offer the best stuff to Mamas & Papas.
Truly--we only work with people we love & are passionate about and we hope you take the time to check them out! 

Picky Sticky is our newest addition and you will be seeing a lot more about them soon! But until then, you should go and see all the sweet stickies they have for Mama's to be & newest additions. 
(I wish I new about them when I was preg-oh!)

Little Vintage is another gorgeous shop from overseas that we are over the moon about---one of the greatest collection of little vintage pieces I've ever laid my eyes on!
(as soon as I find that darn camera charger--I know, really---I will be posting a review)

& of course we still are infatuated with Mini Mioche and our bluum boxes!

Can I just tell you how perfect bluum is? I had just ruined a teether by sterilizing it a little too long and Hux is in the middle of a mega molar meltdown....well, in this month's box they sent us a new teether!!! Just like the one I ruined!

I'm geeked for the Mini Mioche Fall Collection to come out---as soon as it does you will know, trust me!

Anyways, we LOVE our Sponsors.
We'd love YOU to join us too if you have a cool blog, company or product!

I always offer a discount when you sign up for multiple months so get on it today & start living life with the Hux!

Check out our Ad Spot Rates HERE!

PS: Things to look forward to on our blog are Hux Recipes, Natural Cleaning + How to keep a house clean with a toddler & giveaways galore!


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