life with the Hux. is a Baby blog that focuses on well, Hux. 

We originally launched this blog as a means to update family & friends far and near of Huxley's daily life, and new adventures--but it soon grew into something much more as our reader base began to rapidly grow.

 Beyond our infinitely sweet, entertaining little guy, our goal is to promote an inspired lifestyle through our candid takes on breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing parenting experiences, healthy cooking, green living, as well as our love of the outdoors and simple things. 

We truly love sharing Huxley with all of you & hope that you leave our blog feeling lighter & happier, and encouraged. I try to inspire through our daily routines, trial & errors, recipes and more.

Advertising on life with the Hux. is a great way to promote your business! A large percentage of our readers are first time/soon-to-be Mamas who are looking for various ideas for baby: styling, gear, food, bath products, etc.  You can see below that we have three size options available.

We also offer solo reviews+giveaways on the blog, you can see a few past giveaways here and here. We only accept a small number of giveaways every month so please contact us if you are interested!

For more information as well as current statistics, e-mail us at lifewiththehux [at]

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life with the Hux. blog is a for profit blog. All sponsored items and posts are clearly marked and the opinions are mine and mine alone. All items sent to me will be considered for review, but I will only review items on my blog that I am truly passionate about and feel would fit our style. The advertising rates and buttons sizes may be subject to change as my readership continues to grow on a monthly basis. All billing is processed through Paypal and must be received before your product or shop is featured on my blog. An advertising month is considered: the 1st day of the month to the last day of the month. As owner of life with the Hux. I reserve the right to discontinue any Sponsorships without refund if I feel the business is acting in an unethical manner.