a day in the life of Hux.

Hey there, sorry for the quietness on our Blog---it's been the exact opposite here in our home.
We've been so busy watching our little child grow & explore and holy heck is this kid strong! He literally does pull-ups on his Pack-n-Play.

It's ridiculously silly.

Anyways, here is a little look into our day to day. Each day is so different but the same all in one. You know the feeling?

6:30am- Hux pounces us awake with cute squeals & all smiles...he nurses & then goes in his Pack-n-Play for some Sprout TV & play time
7:25am- This is about the time we hear the "I've finished pooping & would like you to change me" 'cry''s not really a cry, more of a fuss.
7:45- After wrestling a diaper back on the babe we crawl back into bed for some snuggling
8am- Breakie time...I usually make a fresh puree of something like bananas, blueberries & avocado and mix it with some cereal..Hux chows & Mama has a little coffee (it's usually day old & cold..I know..gross, right? And I was a barista for like...3 years.)
9am- Daddy kisses Hux goodbye & bikes to work (Matt's put me to shame on getting back to shape...I'm completely envious.)
9:45- After a big breakfast & some more playtime Mama and Huxie crawl back in bed for a little am nursing & nap (most mornings I sneak away to get chores done, get a shower, make baby foods, do some emailing, etc)
11am- Huxley's awake & ready to play, nurse a little, and have some lunch
1pm- Naptime!
3pm- This is when Huxley is super playful & adventurous. We sing, dance, practice walking, read books, explore toys, & have a snack
5:30pm-It's a toss up around this time since I usually am going to work...Hux will either want a nap or dinner or visa versa
6:30- Hux has been fed and it's now his favorite time of the day...bathtime.
7:00- After the bath Huxley has a very particular routine...he gets oiled up with some Weleda Calendula Oil, diapered, jammied, & then snuggled with a boob or bottle
7:45- Hux is down for the night
8:00-10pm Mama & Daddy have dinner, do dishes, clean up the place, talk about our days while sitting on the porch, water our garden, pay bills, take out the trash, etc etc etc we do everything between 8pm & 10!
10pm- A creature stirs for a little visit from the Milk Truck Fairy & is back down
Between 1am & 3am Huxley makes his want into our bed for the rest of the night. I know there's a whole controversy on co-sleeping but Huxley sleeps so gosh darn good sandwiched between us in our humble little full sized bed--it feels far more natural having him by our sides than in another room. Eventually, I hope Hux will decide he likes his crib more, but until then we aren't going to traumatize the guy over the transition.

& that's pretty much our day! There is always a whole lot of laughing and giggling & drools and kissing too. We just adore our son.

Higher than the moon.

[he wakes up like this...alllll smiles.]

[playing with all of his friends.]

[food time is fun time.]

[he takes his baths very seriously...not!]




Okay, is he saying "Bear" or am I just being an overly proud parent?

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prodigy child

We're convinced we have a genius on our hands.

[Aren't all parents?]

But seriously, remember how we were convinced he was working with a few words in his vocab already? We're working on catching it on video, but Huxley recognizes his teddy bear & clearly says "Beauhh".

I thought it was a fluke or in my head until the other day while on the phone with my Dad Hux kept lunging towards our dresser saying "Beauuh, beauuh!" What was ontop of the dresser? His Gaffney Bear.

He kills us.

I mean, just look at him!



Happy 90th Big GG!!!

We are all so bummed we couldn't be there for her big day, but we wanted to send out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our beautiful "Big G.G".

She's an amazing woman, let me tell you, and can kick some serious tail in Skip-Bo too. She has inspired me in so many ways, and even more so now that I am a mother. The list really goes on & on with unbelievable awesomeness about this lady...she bakes, she sews, she crafts, she started her own business, she raised three amazing men (one of which is my father). I can only hope to be 1/4 of the woman she is today as she's set the bar high.

90 years is quite a lot of stories & Huxley cannot wait to hear a few!

We love you G.G.!!!


up all night studios Giveaway!

We are so excited.
Back to back phe-NOM Etsy Shop Giveaways.
How lucky are we?!

This one was really cool for me because one, Brianna the lovely lady behind up all night studios, is a native Michigander like myself, & two--how freakin' CUTE are these onesies?!

She made Hux the raddest 'camping tent' tee made from organic cotton and custom colors.
[It will be framed once he grows out of it!]

As most of you know, tenting it up is one of Mamas favorite things to do and I cannot wait to share my love for the outdoors with Huxley this fall.

Brianna has been way generous enough to offer one of you dear readers the chance to win a onesie or tee of your choice!

Read below on how to enter & good luck!

To Enter (Mandatory):
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  • Stop by up all night studios & tell me in your comment which onesie you'd like to win & an email address in case you are in fact the lucky winner!
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Winner will be announced on August 14th, 2011!



happy weekend!

we are spending a nice little weekend as a trifecta.
we hope you enjoy the rest of yours too!

[photo taken at our lovely friends Eric & Kristen's wedding]



Half-Year Old Hux

Hello, Half-Year-Old Huxley Otis!

I won't ask where the time went, because I know full well that you took every moment of the past 6 months and made them worthwhile.

Let's see, where to begin?!

You're still just the happiest little man alive.
Everyone who meets you will attest that you are just the sweetest, most easy going little person.

You weigh just around 17 lbs & are 27 inches long.

You pretty much enjoy everything this world has to offer except getting your nails cut, diapers or clothes, & getting out of the bathtub.

You're so good that you even let me use the "booger ball" on you without moving a muscle.

You are sitting all by yourself now and even standing up using the crib or your Pack n Play & have now started to try to climb out.

Yep, you are advanced, Hux. No way around that one.

Sometimes Mama & Daddy swear you are saying words like "Mom" and "Bear" & "Boob-bah".

Everyday is an adventure with you & I look forward to many many more.

We love you far beyond the moon, & the moon is pretty high.



& we have a winner!...

Congratulations Kimberly!

I'll be contacting you via email to see what Handmade Garland you'd like to sweeten up your home with!

Thanks to all who participated & a HUGE thanks to Fiona at Jellybean Studio for letting us do this Giveaway!

Check back soon because we have some other really cool Giveaways lined up for you---Hux is pretty excited about them too.



sears model baby.

Totally ghetto experience at the Sears Photo Center the other day.

One: They had NO Air Conditioning and it was sooooo hot in there.
Two: The two chicks had not a clue what they were doing & were horrible at Customer Service
Three: I just wanted the 7.99 package..not the 160.00 package..they couldn't understand why I wouldn't want to drop those dollars, but was just for fun, & we got some cute these...


ps: yep, I edited out the Sears Photo Center that was all over these. Shhhh don't tell!


our little tribe life.

We sure do know how to have ourselves some fun on the cheap...a box of sparklers & we are entertained.

& might I add...I have the most beautiful men in my life.



laugh those blues away, Baby.

So...turns out, Hux likes sniffing noises.

ps: he has a fresh bonk mark from a 'give Mama a kiss' turned head-butt.



25 weeks young.

Hux is a happy kid.
He laughs.
He plays.
He talk talk talks away.
He's sitting up all by himself, grabbing, tasting, learning & exploring the world.

Everything we do we do in song. He loves Mama Songs. I can't even tell you how many new little songs I've made up as we went along. They're silly. We both laugh.

Hux is 17lbs & 8oz and 27 inches long.

He eats 3 meals a day, sometimes four.
He's still on the Milk Trucks all the time too.

He doesn't like diapers or clothes or his teeth that are trying to come through.

Other than that he is so content with life & has just the sweetest personality.

We try to capture it in photos, but they do not do his cuteness justice...



what's on the menu...

Hi guys! Just a little teaser for what ideas I have floating around in my head for the blog.

  • A day in the life of Hux.
  • More Dairy-Free Vegan friendly Meal Ideas
  • A tour of our little home
  • Collab posts with other fab Blogger Mamas
  • What to Buy for Baby & Mama
  • Organic Living & Healthy Eating tips for both baby & parents
  • Sugar Detox & Whipping my Mama-bod into shape
  • The long overdue & put-off tales of being a 'Milk Truck' experience with breastfeeding
  • GIVEAWAYS...AWESOME AWESOME GIVEAWAYS! We have some amazing Etsy friends as well as some International Companies that have been so kind as to offer up goodies for all of you lovely readers to win!
  • & of course...TONS of Huxpressions, photos, videos and updates
Those are just a few of many bouncing around in my Mama-brain...
(it's helpful to now have them down in words so I can actually follow through!)

Hope you are as excited as we are!

Until then, Hux is loving your votes...let's keep climbing to #1!

[what do ya say, guys? please?]



our holiday weekend!

We love long holiday weekends when Daddy is around all the time to play!

Our little tribe had a lovely Fourth of July celebration spent with family & friends. Hux enjoyed his pool, as usual & made a few new pals!

We spent the evening BBQ'in up some turkey burgers & corn and feasted on some kale salad & coconut icecream milkshakes...yum.

The best part of all was that we could watch THREE different firework shows from the comfort of our deck, and Huxley even came out to watch (until he fell back asleep in my arms, swoon.) I watched his big eyes the entire time as I've seen fireworks before, but watching Huxley see things through new eyes has become my obsession, my hobby, my life.

It was the best Independence Day.



happy fireworks & freedom day!

Happy Fourth of July from our tribe to yours!

We hope you spend it doing what this great American holiday is all about...eating good foods off the grill, family & playing with explosives!

Hux wanted to show off his holiday weekend wardrobe...




Dear Skip-Hop,

Your Owl bib is excruciatingly cute [thanks, Grandma!] but my child will not stop looking at it long enough to eat a decent meal!

I think it's time to find a very non-distracting, functional, non-plastic-y bib for the Huxster...