Half-Year Old Hux

Hello, Half-Year-Old Huxley Otis!

I won't ask where the time went, because I know full well that you took every moment of the past 6 months and made them worthwhile.

Let's see, where to begin?!

You're still just the happiest little man alive.
Everyone who meets you will attest that you are just the sweetest, most easy going little person.

You weigh just around 17 lbs & are 27 inches long.

You pretty much enjoy everything this world has to offer except getting your nails cut, diapers or clothes, & getting out of the bathtub.

You're so good that you even let me use the "booger ball" on you without moving a muscle.

You are sitting all by yourself now and even standing up using the crib or your Pack n Play & have now started to try to climb out.

Yep, you are advanced, Hux. No way around that one.

Sometimes Mama & Daddy swear you are saying words like "Mom" and "Bear" & "Boob-bah".

Everyday is an adventure with you & I look forward to many many more.

We love you far beyond the moon, & the moon is pretty high.


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Nancy StylenDecorDeals said...

Such a cutie!!! Little ham! Love your blog! Sorry I missed the giveaway!

I'm a new follower from the hop! Hope you'll hop by and visit my blog too!
Have a great weekend!