winter Hux.

It's 37 & snowing.
In my mind it's close to perfect...
Although I'd prefer to be near some mountains, skis ready & a baby sitter lined up for the Huxman.
I just love the kind of weather that forces you to bundle up.
A lot of my favorite memories have a snowy backdrop.
It was snowing when Huxley was born.
Oh, the look on his sweet little face when we showed him the snow this morning.
He was smiling this quiet little smile.
That is perfection.

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the messiest lunch yet...

Huxley has been getting quite adventurous with foods this week.
He had a little lull for a few weeks where he just preferred nursing over food, but now I think he's going through another big growth spurt and has been just ravenous!

He's become a fan of citrus fruits, which I don't give him in access for fear of hurting his tummy (or teeth). Hux also loves Ezekiel Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin toast, and Calbee Pea Crisps (and so does Mama!).

We also have our daily milk & cookie time together---a time I am very fond of, and hope to continue this for....ever.

Today I shared my lunch with him: Butternut Squash Ravioli, peas, and grapefruit. Hux also had an Earth's Best Orange Banana squeeze pouch, and some Pea Crisps...I'll let the photos do the talking but man, we had a mess & Huxley was promptly stuck into a nice warm bath afterwards.



Gunapod Teddy Bear & Turkey Bacon Obsession

Huxley loves turkey bacon.
Lovvvessss it.
It's like a flavored teething strip that he eats.

He also loves his new Gunapod by Gunamuna!
It's perfect for cold mornings in our drafty little apartment, and it is seriously the best little thing ever. There are several zippers and snaps making it a breeze to put it on his wiggly little bod, and bonus...he feels like a snuggly little teddy bear in it! Huxley likes that he can still crawl & walk around in it since you can unzip the bottom to free up his feet (or buckle him into a carseat).

Thanks Gunamuna for keeping our little teddy safely warm!



bluum on Plum District!

You have two more days to sign up for this awesome offer on Plum District...a 3 month subscription to bluum for half of the original price!

For $18.00 (originally $36) you get an adorable gift box with 4-5 different samples per month. How great is that?! You get to try out some of the best baby & Mama swag out there! Bluum allows you to see what you and your little one like before making the dive and having cupboards and drawers full of products that just didn't work out.

I can tell you that I am currently waiting for my first box to arrive and I couldn't be any more excited!!! I'll let you know what goodies are in it as soon as it gets here!



shaker egg, belly laughs & cookie nomming.

Grandpa & Grandma are in town...hence my slacking on the blog...on top of working ALL weekend...ick.

Anyways, here are some Huxdorable photos of the little man who is now NINE MONTHS OLD.

Yep, he's taking more & more steps.
Saying "Mamamamama & Bababababa".
Oh, and if you take his cookie out! Hux is serious about his cookie & milk time.



& we have some winners!!

The winner of the Rockin' Green Soap Giveaway is...
Claire's Mama!!

& the winner of the Eco-Friendly Handmade Art by Lori Nichols is...


Congrats ladies, & check your email!

Thanks for all who participated, we appreciate your support and love! Check back soon for some more yummy Giveaways!



Vegan Broccoli Cheddar Soup

I just had to post this yummy recipe! I've been craving broccoli cheddar soup lately, but (sigh) cannot have the real last night I macgyvered a dairy-free version using items I already had in the kitchen.
It turned out SO flippin' good, even Matt & Hux gobbled it up!

Vegan Broccoli Cheddar Soup
So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk
Organic Broccoli
Daiya Vegan Cheddar Cheese
Vegan Margarine
Nutritional Yeast
Vegan Sour Cream
Salt & Pepper

-Steam broccoli
-Simmer Onion, Garlic with Vegan Margarine
-Toss in Broccoli
-Add enough So Delicious Coconut Milk to cover
-Add remaining ingredients to taste

& enjoy!



in a perfect world...

...Lake Michigan would be just outside our door & our family would all be a short drive away.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that does not compromise easily...if at all.
But we are blessed to have family able to travel to us, and that we have jobs (period) where we can take time off to return the visit.

When we first found out we were pregnant the hardest part for me was being so far from my family. Although it was & has been tough, and I feel as though I am robbing a lot of people of Huxley, Matt & I have grown so much as people--as parents--going at this, basically, just the three of us.

It's different for Matt, as most of his family is nearby---and I love that. So he can't exactly relate, and has to deal with many of my "Missing Michigan" moments. Have I mentioned lately how amazing Matt is? He's amazing.

I just keep thinking of how this distance will change Huxley as a person. I want him grow up with a strong sense of family, and a deep love for his Grandparents and other family members.

So--we work hard everyday, saving, and planning for his future. Whatever that may hold, God only knows, but we have our hopes.
I love watching it unfold.
Huxley is just all sorts of wonderful, growing and shaping & reshaping everyday.

[the second he saw it he wanted in...]



Huxpressions & Huxppreciation!

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Thank you everyone for your continued love & support.
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Halloweenie Cuties.

Halloween is just around the corner.
I'm trying to find the perfectly adorable outfit to make for Huxley.

Here are a few ridiculously cute photos I found while searching for inspiration...

[all photos found via]


heart melter

Hux just keeps getting cuter, and funnier, and is that even possible?!

We. Are. Blessed.

[thank you Kristen for taking these ridiculously sweet photos]