Gunapod Teddy Bear & Turkey Bacon Obsession

Huxley loves turkey bacon.
Lovvvessss it.
It's like a flavored teething strip that he eats.

He also loves his new Gunapod by Gunamuna!
It's perfect for cold mornings in our drafty little apartment, and it is seriously the best little thing ever. There are several zippers and snaps making it a breeze to put it on his wiggly little bod, and bonus...he feels like a snuggly little teddy bear in it! Huxley likes that he can still crawl & walk around in it since you can unzip the bottom to free up his feet (or buckle him into a carseat).

Thanks Gunamuna for keeping our little teddy safely warm!


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Mama G said...

Super cute! We love our gunapod :)