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Do you see that, folks? Zero! Free! Nada! All for scrounging around our place for the stacks of Baby Mags that have piled up. Then sifting through them for glorious neon green coupons!

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& A huge thanks to the lovely Megan for introducing me to my newest obsession, Amazon coupon hoarding! Can't you just imagine me knocking Mommies & Daddies over to get the entire stack of free mags at BabysRUs? Yikes.

This could get ugly.

Check her cute blog all about her beginning journey into Mamahood here!

Happy Bargain Hunting, Mamas!



a week in photos

It's hard to believe Hux is 6 weeks old already.
He is truly the best behaved Baby. There is rarely a complaint or fuss from him, just the typical "I'm getting hungry" warning cry, or a simple "Hold me" whimper. Easy fix. We have a heavy artillery of "Hold me" helpers! I've really been enjoying the Moby wrap my parent's got for us, and the Baby Bjorn has been a breeze to use as well. Huxley loves either, as long as he is close to Daddy or Mama, he is a happy Bunny.

We hope you have had a lovely little weekend, we are wrapping ours up with a yummy dinner off the grill.

love & goodness,


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If not for me, do it for lil' Huxie and his Bobkitten snorts?



what got my through month number one

Water, water & more water.

these little gems helped this sore Mama get through those beginning rough patches

I found an entire box full of pre-fold cloth diapers that I washed up & now use for everything!

We set up the Pack n Play in our room and it's been a life saver...Hux hasn't spent a single night in his nursery (we plan on transitioning as soon as he hit's the 15 lb limit)

Since I've had to supplement/pump we had to purchase a few bottles and these babies are the best! I even had a fellow Mama stop me in the isle as I was debating and tell me that I was making the right choice with Born Free.

I pretty much lived off hot chocolate ever since leaving the hospital. Yep. It's delicious, and I've convinced myself it's nutritious as well!

& of course, this beautiful man.

He's been my biggest help/blessing/encourager/fan/etc etc etc everything all things amazing. That is what he is.

I'm sure I will think of more to add later, but for now I've got a cute Bunny lover to snuggle...



Le Hux Amore.

As you might have noticed a lot has changed round these parts.
A lot has changed, indeed.

Well like I mentioned in my last post I am trying to get better at keeping everyone in the loop. Also, we are trying to get lots of votes so we can be a Top Baby Blog. If you could click the link to your right, and then click the image on the top that allows you to cast yours that would be huge!!

As far as Motherhood's going, I'm still breaking in the new title of Mommy. Hearing people refer to Huxley as "your son" still makes my mind do a little double-take & go, "Oh yea...he is mine!"

The night before we were to leave the hospital I whispered jokingly to Matt, "There going to let us take him home!"

& we're so stinkin' thrilled they did!!!


time's like a speeding train these days.

Over a month has passed since we finally got to meet our Son.
He's been an absolute dream ever since. Every moment he's in my arms I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving, love, and gratitude for such a beautiful child.

In the past five weeks Huxley has grown into such a silly, loving, and always happy Baby.

I plan to get a lot better at updating with photos & videos here so that family and friends can keep up with the Day to Day cuteness that is Huxley Otis.

We send our love & all good things.

Until next time, please enjoy this uber adorable video I took this morning of our little guy babbling away...



introducing our sweet Little Prince, Huxley Otis Duncan

He finally arrived in our arms
January 14th, 2011 at 7:37 in the morning

Our hearts were stolen immediately that day
& here is our Story...

Thursday the 13th we went in for our 41 week appointment only to be disappointingly scheduled for an induction the following morning. We had really wanted to wait as long as safely & humanly possible.

I went home feeling defeated and was very upset. Wasn't feeling good either, and kept texting Matt to come home from work and be with me. I think Hux knew how sad I was about it because not two hours after our appointment my water broke! (I feel really blessed to have been able to experience this sensation naturally after reading how so many women have theirs broken for them.)

Three hours (and a large bowl of pre-ice-chip-diet cereal) later we were admitted into L & D. My contractions had already begun and were ramping up.

Matt and I put our preparation to use listening to The Beatles White Album, Louis Armstrong, & Otis Redding, slow dancing, kissing (ha, sounds too steamy for a labor!) we sprayed Lavender Essential Oils in the room, had the lights dimmed, took periodic strolls around the Maternity Ward and I also used my birthing ball.

They had to monitor me more closely since my waters had already broke. Contractions in the bed were unbearable. I kept trying to get up, sway my hips, anything to alleviate the aches.

Seven hours in there was no progress with my dilatation so I was given Pitocin. As soon as I was confined to the bed my Birth Plan changed drastically from wanting an all natural labor to just going with what my body was telling me...I took an epidural and am SO glad I did. The only thing unpleasant was the difficulty the had threading the needle with my scoliosis, and not having my Love by my side (they made Matt wait outside the room due to Father's fainting at the sight of the needle).

Matt got to sleep through the night while I did off & on, in complete bliss, just meditating on the almost arrival of our child.

Active labor began at 4am, it took me about 5 minutes of hollering at Matt from the bed to get him to wake up! He was amazing even half-asleep and was my rock throughout our delivery. At 6 am we were at 7cm, at 7am we were ready to start pushing....and boy were we.

I used a mirror, and could see Huxley's head of hair crowning after about 5 good pushes. The it was 'the changing of the guard' for the doctors and they were conversing when all of a sudden I had a huge urge to push & I knew Huxley was coming out...they weren't ready to catch and had me basically holding him in for what felt like a lifetime! I was in hysterics, and my body was in convulsions. It was only a matter of moments!

Finally, as they scrambled to suit up in 2 pushes his head was out, and then their voices were very urgent about the rest as Hux was hung up on my pelvic bone. One of the doctors (we got a 2 for one!) jumped on the bed and pushed down on my belly as I pushed with everything I had & then with a whoosh and the biggest feeling of relief out came our precious baby boy!

I had minimal tearing (without an episiotomy), and am feeling great now, aside from the huge hormonal flux.

Huxley took the most beating during delivery with a broken right clavicle and some bruising on his face, but if it hadn't have been for the doctor pushing down on me I think he would have been a C-Section baby.

Huxley is VERY well adjusted, took to nursing right away, and barely makes a fuss. He's perfect.

We had Huxley's Grandparent's from Michigan here with us taking very very good care of all of us. We've been sleeping amazingly.

Thank you for all of your support, we send nothing but good things.

our little Tribe