Booyah FREE diapers!!!!

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1 of: Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers, Size 1, 180 Count
Condition: New
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Do you see that, folks? Zero! Free! Nada! All for scrounging around our place for the stacks of Baby Mags that have piled up. Then sifting through them for glorious neon green coupons!

Learn how to score your's here!

& A huge thanks to the lovely Megan for introducing me to my newest obsession, Amazon coupon hoarding! Can't you just imagine me knocking Mommies & Daddies over to get the entire stack of free mags at BabysRUs? Yikes.

This could get ugly.

Check her cute blog all about her beginning journey into Mamahood here!

Happy Bargain Hunting, Mamas!



Anonymous said...

WoW we have a ton of diapers but that is awesome! you should list all of those promo codes :)

Hillary Brooke said...

I wish the codes were reusable!

Unfortunately, you have to hunt the coupons down, which isn't too can get a free BabyTalk magazine subscription, and BabysRUs & your OBGYN office should have stacks of Parents & Fit Pregnancy and American Baby.

Happy hunting!