& these days I've been going back to my roots---dirty hair & hands howlin' at the moon and all.

she's a real WonderLand Wanderer.



the bed we don't make.

i found a piece of space
it may be small
& it may not be mine
but it's where i finally feel safe,

and when you look at me
you see all of me
not just a pretty face

you see the dirt
and you see the scars

you see it all and you call it ours.

we laugh at the sun
as it tries it's best
to wake us from
our perfect nest

but we have no care
& we have no clue

where we'll go from here
so we stay in bed for another day

and say all's fair...
tomorrow will show us what to do,

& we'll find our way ---

i know it could be a great one with you....