a little hello.

Hello! We missed you all so very much, and I hate to keep apologizing for my lack of blogging, but life is moving at warped speed and I am struggling to find time to myself to sit and post about all the happenings in our little world.

Can you believe that Ellis will be a one year old next Sunday?! Neither can we. It was the fastest year of my life! 

She is such a little card, seriously has the best sense of humor this little girl. Ellis is also a water baby--we took her to the lake yesterday and she wanted to swim all on her own so very badly. It makes me so happy to see both her and Huxley enjoying what Michigan has to offer, and I am so thankful we made the move here.

We hope you all are well--and I will be posting soon---I owe you a fun giveaway and hope to have that up next week...until then,