Apparently I grow big babies.

Or atleast that is what the OB & Midwife have both predicted.
My first appointment in MI was super discouraging as the first thing the OB (that I was really excited about since she was my doctor years ago) asked was if we'd like to schedule a Cesarian.
Needless to say I was pretty shocked since this word was never uttered at the Birth Center we were going to deliver at in PA. The reasoning behind it? Hux was a wide-shouldered, 9lb 8oz boy & had shoulder dystocia. Since this can be a reoccurring theme they want to be as prepared as possible-which is great, but you best believe I will do everything possible to avoid a c-section on little Lady's birthday.

So that's our mini-saga in the baby growing department. 
Aside from that we have a full-blow, defiant, energetic, hilarious little man who keeps us busy from sun up to sun down. We've began to really get serious about potty training--started to cloth diaper full-time which makes it alot more uncomfortable for Hux to sit around with a soggy bottom, and more eager about putting it in the potty. Well, that's our theory for now. Will keep you posted. We have also been giving him more responsibilities when it comes to dressing and grooming himself. He can take his clothes off, wash his hair, put his pants on (with a 50% success rate), brush his teeth and seems to really get a confidence boost from doing all these things. 

Life in our new little home is quite fulfilling these days & we are so beside ourselves with anticipation of baby Sister's arrival...six weeks really isn't all that long afterall!



stains & germies? no, thanks...Spitter Spatter saves the day (and that super cute onesie)

Have you ever had to toss out a piece of your child's clothing because you just couldn't
get that pesky stain out? Or have you ever covered your babe's stroller or car seat with a blanket while at a doctor's appointment/grocery shopping/etc etc. to block out the flu bugs and bad vibes?
No? Just me? Moving on...

The lovely folks at Spitter Spatter sent little Lady a care package that I just cannot wait to put to good use-- you see, Spitter Spatter weaves in a magical antibacterial barrier into the fibers of every fabric, without altering the natural breathability or feel of the fabric. Honestly, couldn't tell the difference but love knowing it's there! I don't know their secret, or truly understand the science behind it but they're pretty smart and made these clothes baby proof on a molecular level. The invisible barrier on the exterior of the fabric also defends against over 100 different types of germs---yup, I am sold.

Would you like a chance to win one piece of your choice from the Spitter Spatter Collection? 

Simply join their mailing list (found at the bottom of their site) come back & leave a comment letting me know you signed up!

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PS: Hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day---will post photos from ours sometime in the near future!

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mushroom huntin'

One of my favorite excuses to get outside & wander the woods is to forage for tasty little morel mushroom treats. It was the boys first go at it, and I'd say they were great for having beginner's eyes--well, we did have to stop Huxley from "helping" because he just wanted to crumble the finds--but he was completely happy sitting in a field of dandelions picking away while we hunted around him.

We ate well that night. 


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clearing the cobwebs away.

Well me oh my I still have a blog? And you still read it?! Incredible.

I am beyond happy to report that we are finally settled in our new home, with the Daddy, and we are absolutely in love with the area, our neighbors, being so close to Honey Mom Mom & Grandpop, et al & having Lake Michigan air in our lungs.

SO MUCH has gone on in the past few weeks besides moving, unloading, cleaning, organizing, painting, fixing, etc etc.

For starters...well there is this baby I've been growing, who is now 32 weeks along and is getting pretty snug in there. Had a terrible first appointment with the new OB and am feeling pretty bummed about having to completely re-write our birth plan--more on that sour note later...the only important thing is that little Miss is healthy, and doing all that she needs to be doing in there.

Huxley! Hux is totally embracing his two-year old boy self. Getting into everything, breaking everything, running away, getting bruises, and bangs, and holy wow is this kid fast. He is thriving in his new terrain including our giant backyard---he told me today that he "loves the flowers" as he ran around picking all the dandelions.

Will hopefully be back to my regular blogging self now that we have internet, and know where our silverware and deodarent are--that is to say, we are pretty much all unpacked and maybe even close to doing a little home tour for you!

Sending love and all good things.



Boon Sippy Cup Giveaway

[Hux + his Sip]
As bottles are now a thing of the past in our home (for now, that is) we have moved on to transitional cups, and "big boy" cups, but before moving I threw all of our sippies into recycling because of how banged up and gross they'd gotten. Thankfully, when I arrived in MI there was a box of brand spankin' new, super cool, bright, fun Boon sippies just waiting for Hux to slurp on. 

These three different cups, Modster, Stout & Sip, can be found in-store at Target with a totally doable price tag (ranging from $7.49-$12.99) and are all BPA free. Pretty much everything I ever wanted in a sippy cup.

Huxley's favorite has been the Sip, and it's been a dream to use, but you have to be super careful to line up the handle or the lid doesn't go on right--so, just a few words of wisdom, check the handle, and always do a "tip over" test before handing off your cup!

Would you like your own set of Boon sippies? See below on how you can win a set of each!

 To be entered to win a package including a Modster, SIP & Stout sippy set in the colors of your choice simply leave a comment on whether your child has a personality that matches "Modster" (outgoing, vibrant, colorful, creative), "Sip" (gentle, formal, proper) or "Stout" (grounded, calm & easygoing).

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