clearing the cobwebs away.

Well me oh my I still have a blog? And you still read it?! Incredible.

I am beyond happy to report that we are finally settled in our new home, with the Daddy, and we are absolutely in love with the area, our neighbors, being so close to Honey Mom Mom & Grandpop, et al & having Lake Michigan air in our lungs.

SO MUCH has gone on in the past few weeks besides moving, unloading, cleaning, organizing, painting, fixing, etc etc.

For starters...well there is this baby I've been growing, who is now 32 weeks along and is getting pretty snug in there. Had a terrible first appointment with the new OB and am feeling pretty bummed about having to completely re-write our birth plan--more on that sour note later...the only important thing is that little Miss is healthy, and doing all that she needs to be doing in there.

Huxley! Hux is totally embracing his two-year old boy self. Getting into everything, breaking everything, running away, getting bruises, and bangs, and holy wow is this kid fast. He is thriving in his new terrain including our giant backyard---he told me today that he "loves the flowers" as he ran around picking all the dandelions.

Will hopefully be back to my regular blogging self now that we have internet, and know where our silverware and deodarent are--that is to say, we are pretty much all unpacked and maybe even close to doing a little home tour for you!

Sending love and all good things.


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