Our growing girl.

Miss Ellis June has been totally dominating the growth percentages---at 99% for height, and 80+ for head & weight she is catching up to Huxley at a pretty fast rate!

She's also exploring words and has started to talk a LOT lately mastering the words "ball" "hat" "pumpkin" "more" "button" and "mama" & "dada". 

Ellis loves to paint, play dress up, climb into things, play hide & seek, go for hikes and swim in the pool---she is a little fishie & completely fearless when it comes to putting her head underwater and kick and swim solo (with a life vest and parent nearby of course). 

We are always giggling at the new silly things this sweet girl does on the daily-- our little clown, and we couldn't be any more fond of her!

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and send lots of love!