Le Hux Amore.

As you might have noticed a lot has changed round these parts.
A lot has changed, indeed.

Well like I mentioned in my last post I am trying to get better at keeping everyone in the loop. Also, we are trying to get lots of votes so we can be a Top Baby Blog. If you could click the link to your right, and then click the image on the top that allows you to cast yours that would be huge!!

As far as Motherhood's going, I'm still breaking in the new title of Mommy. Hearing people refer to Huxley as "your son" still makes my mind do a little double-take & go, "Oh yea...he is mine!"

The night before we were to leave the hospital I whispered jokingly to Matt, "There going to let us take him home!"

& we're so stinkin' thrilled they did!!!

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