what's on the menu...

Hi guys! Just a little teaser for what ideas I have floating around in my head for the blog.

  • A day in the life of Hux.
  • More Dairy-Free Vegan friendly Meal Ideas
  • A tour of our little home
  • Collab posts with other fab Blogger Mamas
  • What to Buy for Baby & Mama
  • Organic Living & Healthy Eating tips for both baby & parents
  • Sugar Detox & Whipping my Mama-bod into shape
  • The long overdue & put-off tales of being a 'Milk Truck' experience with breastfeeding
  • GIVEAWAYS...AWESOME AWESOME GIVEAWAYS! We have some amazing Etsy friends as well as some International Companies that have been so kind as to offer up goodies for all of you lovely readers to win!
  • & of course...TONS of Huxpressions, photos, videos and updates
Those are just a few of many bouncing around in my Mama-brain...
(it's helpful to now have them down in words so I can actually follow through!)

Hope you are as excited as we are!

Until then, Hux is loving your votes...let's keep climbing to #1!

[what do ya say, guys? please?]


1 comment: said...

yay!! Loving the ideas. I was hoping to (one day) do a day in the life of Eli (or mat leave) post.. but I'm procrastinating.

Where did you find the ring sophie?